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This year fly to your favorite destination and make bookings at XL Airways Reservations. Call now to book and avail offers. Earlier Star alliance and now known as XL Airways France is a French Airline that has it’s headquartered at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. This airline covers some major countries for its long-haul journeys. The destination includes some cities of Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and the United States of America. Except for the long haul destinations, this airway offers some medium-haul flights to the destinations like the Mediterranean. To know more about this airline and the services it offers, keep reading. Also, you can learn a lot more about the updated information of this airline at XL Airways France Reservations.


Every airline looks forward to punctual flight arrival and departure. This can happen only when the passengers are on time and have made their check-in on time. So, to ignore end moment delays in check-in, XL Airways France provide its esteem passengers with online check-in facility apart from the traditional method of check-ins.

  • Online Check-in- It is a permitted, modest and useful service meant to approve passenger’s attendance aboard. This method of check-in can be made 24 hours prior to the take-off. The passenger can also check their bookings, select their favorite seat and avail their boarding pass in a few taps.

This service is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone and does not need any claim. Liable on passenger airport of take-off, the passenger may print their boarding pass or can save it on their smartphone.

Through the check-in procedure, passengers need to enter all the info essential for the documentation and completion of the passengers booking. Once the passenger reaches the airport, they can skip the queue and drop their baggage at the devoted priority kiosks.

Traveling light? If the passenger only carries a piece of cabin baggage, the passenger may head over straight to the security check.

NOTE– Online check-in is available for the passengers having a legal XL Airways booked e-ticket (ticket number starting with 473- ). This facility is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone and does not involve any request.

Online check-in is not accessible for trips to/from Nice. Passengers are allowed to check-in at the airport on the day of the take-off of their flight. Any issue in check-in via online method can be discussed right away with the experts at XL Airways France Reservations.


Every airline does offer baggage on-board but under certain measures that need to be followed. If the passengers do not follow the baggage policies, they may be asked to stay back and not board the flight. Also, excess baggage would charge an extra amount for the same. Come and let us see at some of the policies of the baggage. Also, remember that there is always a certain amount of luggage that is already included in your baggage.

  • Cabin Baggage-
  • 1 thing of cabin luggage (55 cm height X 35 cm width X 25 cm breadth / 21.7 in height X 13.8 in width X 9.8 in breadth – including wheels and handles) weighing less than or equal to 10 Kg.
  • 1 small add-on (like a handbag, a laptop bag or a camera bag).

No other luggage than this would be accepted on board. In case of any confusion on the same, we advise all the passengers to reach for expert help at XL Airways France Reservations. Also, remember the same goes with an infant traveling via XL Airways France only exception being a small handbag.

  • Checked-in Baggage-

This is quite important to know that XL Airways France offers the respected passengers with an option of adding an extra checked-in bag if required. As each journey varies from one another, XL Airways permits the passengers to personalize their ticket. While the booking made at XL Airways France Reservations, passengers are given two different prices to add a checked-in bag in their luggage:

  • ECO BASIC- This only includes 1 piece of cabin bag weighing up to 10 Kg. as well as a small accessory. Passenger can add bags anytime between bookings and their take-off if they change their mind.
  • ECO PLUS- XL Airways France all-inclusive fare. In addition to the cabin bag, this fare allows the passenger to carry one piece of checked baggage less than or equal to 23 Kg. XL Airways France’s Eco Plus price also add choice of the seat as well as more flexible adjustment and repayment situations.

The size measurement is valued by adding the total of external dimensions of each bag, length + width + height (including all handles, side pockets, and wheels). And the total of the size measurement should be equal to or less than 62.2 inches (height + width + depth) including wheels and handles. Any issue in relation to your baggage would be instantly resolved by the experts at XL Airways France Reservations.

Though there are a lot of other privileges that this airline would offer you check-in and baggage are always a priority. To get a solution on any issue related to the same reaches the experts at XL Airways France reservations anytime. Also, these experts may also end up making your bookings at very affordable prices. Once the passengers reach these experts at XL Airways France Reservations, they are sure to be getting showered with loads of offers and discounts. Visit XL Airways Official Website for more information.


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