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WestJet Airlines is an airline in the market that will give you some of the best flying experience. Make your bookings at WestJet Airlines Reservations. In the year 1966, WestJet Airlines was founded on Canadian land. This airline was actually started as the substitute for the already running airlines in the state, as WestJet Airlines is a low-cost air carrier. WestJet Airlines serves in both national and international boundaries, counting down the destinations to about 100+. This airline offers both private flights and planned flights to a lot of destinations around the globe. The destinations of this airline mostly include the Caribbean region, Mexico, Europe, the United States of America, Central America and obviously Canadian region. This airline is 2nd most looked after airline in Canada region obviously 1st being Air Canada. WestJet Airlines is supposed to manage an approx. of 777 flights and taking almost 66,130 passengers every day, to their destination.

Enough about this airline history and geography, it’s time to look at services offered by this airline to its passengers. By the way, do not forget that you can always learn about the same at WestJet Airlines Reservations any time.


WestJet Airlines baggage policy is applicable only on domestic flights and flights that fly to the US and operated by WestJet and WestJet Encore. Passengers who are flying with any of our partnered airlines are strictly advised to check that partnered airline’s official page to know about the FBA. Well, for now, come let us all have a look at what all FBA policies do the passenger need to keep in mind while flying with WestJet Airlines.

  • Cabin Luggage- The dimensions of the passenger’s cabin bag should less than or equal to 53 centimeters or 21 inches of length 38 centimeters or 15 inches of breadth and 23 centimeters or 9 inches of height. This could be a suitcase, bag pack, or a briefcase. Now, as for personal items, the dimensions should be less than or equal to 41 centimeters or 16 inches of length by 33 centimeters or 13 inches of breadth and 15 centimeters or 6 inches height. This personal item could be a ladies’ handbag, laptop bag, camera bag, diaper bag, clothes bag, small musical instrument, etc. in case any of your carry-on’s exceeds the mentioned dimension, such a bag would be taken as an extra luggage, costing you money to take the same along with you.

NOTE– in case of any tiny to a big confusion, all the passengers are advised to not to feel shy and reach the experts at WestJet Airlines Reservations. The experts are accessible 24/7 just to rescue all the troubled passengers, so feel free and ask for the help of WestJet Airlines Reservations experts.

  • Checked Luggage– The passengers flying with WestJet Airlines can carry checked bag weighing 23 Kg. or less and the dimension of the same should be less or equal to 62”. Exceeding this dimension may result in extra baggage, for which the passengers are charged extra. Remember, this payment is not accepted at the customer care desk of WestJet Airlines Reservations. Payment for extra luggage needs to be done at the time of check-in on the counter itself.

NOTE– To know about the fee charges of extra luggage, experts at WestJet Airlines Reservations can be reached to. Their availability being of 24/7 hours would help the passengers to clear all their doubts.


No one likes to destroy his/her mood of happy and amazing vacation time. To avoid such an instance, the experts at WestJet Airlines Reservations advices all the would-be travelers to make their ID proofs ready while checking-in. also, in case of international travel, no matter a kid, an elderly person or an infant all of them need to have their valid passport or their guardian must have the same. Security check-ins turns out easy and comfortable with utter help of the passengers. To prevent delays in flight and check-in, make your documents ready beforehand and avoid the last-minute hustle.

The passengers can reach the WestJet Airlines Reservations experts anytime in case there is an issue with their concerned ID proofs. Every issue has a solution and that is always available with the experts at WestJet Airlines Reservations.


WestJet Airlines offer its passengers with a chance to fly either in economy Class or in Premium Class or in Business class. Now, with every different class come different services and luxuries. Passengers traveling to long-route destinations are often offered meals and refreshments which thoroughly depend on the class they travel. Every different class has a different menu and that also keeps on changing time to time. So the passengers while booking tickets at WestJet Airlines Reservations can ask about the same. In case of any allergic foods or spices, it is mandatory for the passengers to mention about the same at the time of booking at WestJet Airlines Reservations.

All these services along with a variety of more could be under passenger’s control. While bookings at WestJet Airlines Reservations mention about any special demand or need you may have while having the flight. The experts at WestJet Airlines Reservations would make sure all your queries are resolved in time with quick resolutions. Also, passengers who are planning a trip with WestJet Airlines can also save a good amount of deals, only if bookings are made at WestJet Airlines Reservations. Visit WestJet Airlines Official Website for more details.


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