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Virgin Airlines Reservations

Booking tickets on Virgin Atlantic is simple, and its travel website will give you the best deal. With your surname and PNR number/booking reference number, you can access the Virgin Atlantic Airways Booking details and Virgin Atlantic Airways Flight Status. The cities of origin and destination, combined with the number of flights of your subsequent or return journey, can be used to retrieve additional information, such as the Virgin Airways Flight Schedule.

It is among the most trustworthy airlines in operation today with more than 25 years of experience. Virgin Atlantic Airways makes it simple to check in online 36 hours to 90 minutes before the departure time of your long-distance flight.

Popular Destinations of Virgin Airways Flights

  • Manchester
  • Washington
  • Boston
  • Hong Kong
  • Delhi
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • Cuba
  • Lagos
  • New York

Effective Ways of Making the Reservations on Virgin Atlantic Airways

Make Virgin Atlantic Reservations Online

Follow the given steps and book your tickets online hassle-free.

  1. Visit the airline’s website and select “book” to make an online reservation with Virgin Atlantic. 
  2. Enter the departure date, the destination and origin, the travel class, and the total number of passengers. 
  3. Next, decide how you’d like to buy your ticket. You have the option of using cash, miles, or miles and cash. 
  4. In addition, before you click “search,” you can enter a coupon or event code.

Virgin Atlantic Reservations Via the App

Passengers can make Virgin Atlantic Reservations through the app very easily and conveniently.

  1. First, you must download the app on your device and start the booking process.
  2. Then, log in to the app with your credentials.
  3. Afterward, enter the destination and arrival airports to search for the available flights.
  4. Now, provide the travel dates to select the best suitable flight.
  5. Next, specify the number of passengers in your reservation form. Categorize the passengers as infants, children, young adults, and adults.
  6. Pay the required amount after you select the method of payment.
  7. Lastly, you will get the confirmation for your newly booked tickets.

Virgin Atlantic Reservations Phone Number – Make a Quick Call for Quick Reservations

If you are not able to book your tickets online or via the app, you can call the Virgin Atlantic reservations phone number (800-862-8621). 

  1. Dial the toll-free number to connect with the representatives.
  2. Then, follow the given IVR instruction and soon you will be connected with the agent.
  3. Now provide him with the reservation details.
  4. Afterward, choose the best flight option from the given list.
  5. Next, make the payment after selecting the payment method.
  6. Lastly, you will receive the confirmation mail with your new ticket. 

Different Cabin Classes Offered by Virgin Atlantic Airways

Economy Class

The Economy dinner comes with a cold appetizer, your choice of three main meals, a dessert, and crackers with red/white wine. If you need to add a special meal, go to “My Bookings” and let us know 24 hours before take off for a regular dinner, and 48 hours prior to takeoff for a Kosher lunch.

Virgin Atlantic Premium Class

Priority boarding, bag drop, and check-in are all part of your Premium experience. The premium passengers are welcomed with a free drink and a newspaper as they board. The leather seat measures 21 inches wide, with a footrest, and a 38-inch seat pitch. There is a built-in charging station in the seat. On certain flights, a price is charged for in-flight WiFi in the Premium cabin.

Passengers will receive amenity kits with eye masks, ear plugs, and other necessities for long-haul or nighttime trips. 331 days before aircraft departure, the Premium travelers are also free to choose and book the seats of their preference. After dinner, travelers will have tea and a selection of pastries and sandwiches. 

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

You can proceed to the Virgin Atlantic club or clubhouse to rest before your flight after arriving at the airport in a chauffeured vehicle. Enjoy the mouthwatering cuisine selections at the Club before takeoff. The luxurious leather seats are roomy, fold down into flatbeds, measure 22 inches wide, recline 27.5 degrees, and have a seat pitch that can reach 30 inches. With the “PreSelect service,” upper-class customers can browse the menu weeks before the flight and pre-select their meals. champagne,  Wine, or beer are served with the a la carte menu item. The best linen and fancy dishes are used to serve the meals.

Fly With Virgin Atlantic Airways and Get Inflight Amenities

Even for Economy travelers, Virgin Atlantic is rated as having some of the nicest cabins and in-flight services. Virgin Airways offers three different travel classes to its customers, promising luxury and outstanding service in every cabin. A special feature on board is the express cuisine, which is available on night flights under two hours. 

Additionally, passengers can order things from the airline’s Retail website in advance and have them delivered to their seats at duty-free prices. Members of the Virgin Flying Club can earn two points for every euro spent on retail therapy.


How do I contact Virgin Atlantic by phone?

Passengers can contact the Virgin Atlantic reservation phone number by dialing the toll-free number (800-862-8621).

Where is my ticket number Virgin Atlantic?

Your 13-digit e-ticket number has a 932 as its first digit. Your tickets & booking confirmation both have this information. This number can be used to log into the “My Booking” section and check-in online. The reference can be located under “Airline Booking Reference” if you’ve bought any vacations from Virgin Holidays.

How do I change my Virgin Atlantic flight date?

You can rebook your ticket if you made a direct booking and converted it to a travel voucher by contacting our Customer Centre, going online and logging into My Booking, or using our chatbot.

What can I expect from Virgin Atlantic Upper Class?

You can expect extra legroom with wider seats in Premium Economy. Additionally, meals are served on chinaware in a Premium cabin together with appropriate silverware, linen napkins, and a bottle of red/white wine chosen by the wine merchants.

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