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Airlinesreservation.org is a ticket booking agency who tends to follow its own set of terms and conditions that rule the use of this website. You will be allowed to use the services offered only if you agree with the terms and conditions contained herein.


The services and products published on this site may include typographical errors or inaccuracies. airlinesreservation.org do not guarantee about the accuracy of the content published on the websites by our agents. We, at airlinesreservation.org reserve the right to make any improvements or changes to the content of at any time. The offering of sale of any products on this site doesn’t constitute any approval of such services and products by our associates. Airlinesreservation.org acts as an agent for the Airlines. They will provide you the services offered for sale on this site. The entire services available for sale on this site are subjected to the terms and conditions of the Applicable supplier or carrier.

Limitations of Use

The information and content present on this site are just for private non-commercial use only. All the passengers are strictly prohibited from distributing, modifying, displaying, reproducing, copying, or selling the information that is displayed on this site. Only airlinesreservation.org has the right to change, publish, or modify the content present on this site. The images and videos on this website are generally incorporated only for viewing the purposes. The travelers have no right to save or download information from this site in any format until and unless you are permitted.

airlinesreservation.org affiliates are not liable for any kind of errors, omissions, acts, warranties or breaches of contract of any Airlines who act as agents. We are not liable for any property damage, personal injury, death, or expenses resulting there from. We are not entitled to make any refund for cancellation, delay, overbooking or other causes which are beyond our direct control.

Unlawful Use

A pre-condition to using Airlinesreservation.org website is that you agree to our terms and conditions that you will not use this site for unlawful purposes or prohibited by these terms and conditions. The website contains links and references to websites operated by other websites. Airlinesreservation.org is not responsible for their content. Therefore, doesn’t imply any recommendation or does an endorsement of the material on such websites.

Safety of Passengers

Though most travel is completed safely, there are some international travel destinations that involve greater risks than others. Airlinesreservation.org recommend its users to review warnings, travel exclusions, declaration and advisories issued by the Governments of their nations prior to booking travel to international destinations. And, Airlinesreservation.org and its associates do not warrant its users that the travel on sale on this website is without risk or advisable. Airlinesreservation.org and its associates are not liable for losses or damages that may result from travel to any destination.

Ticket Reservations

The reservations of the tickets are offered on sale through official websites or directly by the agents through customer care executives. However, the sale will depend on the availability of tickets at any given time and upon the airlines. Sometimes Airlines fail to keep tickets available in real time, or capacity is no longer available at the quoted prices. The airlines may cancel reservations just before tickets are issued. Airlinesreservation.org in the event of such circumstances offers users a very suitable alternative or the money received from customers will be refunded to them. However, Airlinesreservation.org is not liable for the consequences of cancelled air tickets.

Flight Schedules and Routings

The flights are not liable to take the most direct route as airlines reserve the right to change routings and stopping points without any prior notice to the passengers. Airlinesreservation.org is not at all responsible for any damages or losses that may result from changes to the planned routing. In case of “Direct” flights there will be no change in the route but halts can be made to let passengers on or off, or due to technical reasons. For flights described as “nonstop”, it is set that the airline is planning to operate the flight without any intermediate stop.


The SelfConnect term is used by airlines which means that the routing consists of more than two separate flight bookings. In the event of SelfConnect flights, it becomes the responsibility of the passengers to get conveyed about the flight related information and baggage between the two flights.

International Travel Regulations

It is considered to be the responsibility of the passengers to conform to all applicable regulations including visa, passport, health and other documentation applicable in the destination country. Airlinesreservation.org does not take any responsibility for the consequences of any traveler failing to comply with any such regulations.

Use of This Website

The sole purpose of Airlinesreservation.org website is to assist customers while booking tickets, making bookings, confirming flight schedules and status, and for no other purposes. Only the customers above the age of 18 and those people who possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement will be making use of Airlinesreservation.org website in accordance with our privacy policy, terms and conditions mentioned here in. The services of Airlinesreservation.org website will be utilized to make only genuine ticket purchases.

Any misuse or overuse of the travel services will force Airlinesreservation.org to deny the customer with all the given services mentioned on this website. For sale of travel-related goods and services, there is a separate set of terms and conditions in place. The customers will be charged some extra fee in the event of cancelling or making amendments to their tickets. It will be in addition to the charges payable to the carrier or supplier.

The passengers will be themselves responsible for all fees, charges, duties, assessments, and taxes arising out of the use of our website.

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