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Fly To Your Dream Destination In Your Budget With Air TAP Portugal

TAP Air Portugal Airlines Reservations Flights

Air TAP Portugal is the flag carrier of Portugal and has its headquarters at Lisbon Airport. Founded in 1945, the airline serves more than 85 destinations all over the world, flying nearly 2,500 flights per week. Its fleet contains energy-saving and efficient Airbus, ATR, and Embraer aircraft that make sure a hassle-free and safe flight. The TAP is an acronym that means Transportes which is an active member of the Star Alliance since 2005.

Cut to 2017, Air Tap Portugal Airlines got semi-privatized and now its majority shares were owned by Atlantic Gateway Consortium. The airline has a strong base and people who are operating it. Air TAP Portugal offers six classes of service – Discount, Basic, Classic, Top Executive, Executive, Plus, Classis, basic, and Discount. With Air Tap Portugal Airlines, you can travel on a discount without frills. In addition to several other recognitions, the airline has received the World’s Best Airline Award in 2010 by British Condé Nast Traveler magazine, the Best Airline to South America (2009 and 2010) by the World Travel Awards, and the Best Engine/Aircraft Source of Repair award by NATO (2007).

What makes Air TAP Portugal Airlines Different

Air TAP Portugal offers great services and onboard amenities with an amazing travel experience. The airline welcomes every guest in a traditional Portuguese hospitality style. Combining its culture and character with modern comfort helped the carrier to reach global travelers.

On Air TAP Portugal Airlines, you can expect to be treated with good services even with budget-tickets. Their OnAir magazines, Wi-Fi, digital kiosk, and huge entertainment options keep you entertained throughout the flight and take care of your interests. The long international flights will no longer bore passengers with an endless collection of movies, magazines, and music provided. Air TAP Portugal is famous for its freshly prepared traditional Portuguese and global cuisines and a wide variety of snacks and beverages to choose from.

Pocket-Friendly Popular Routes of Air TAP Portugal

Air TAP Portugal Airlines provides passengers flight service to famous European cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, and Bologna. Other popular sectors are Lisbon and Milan. Porto is a domestic city that handles a large number of air-traffic. In America, Air TAP Portugal covers popular destination Boston, Miami, and New York. It serves more than 85 destinations in 34 countries across the world.

Pack Your Bags Accordingly Baggage Allowance

Passengers flying with Air TAP Portugal have to follow certain baggage restrictions otherwise a penalty will be applied on bags. You can save money on baggage by following these restrictions mentioned below:

Carry-on Baggage

The number of baggage and allowance depends on the travel of class:

TAP Executive

  • Maximum Dimension:  45 linear inches or 115 cm (55 X 40 x 20cm)
  • Number of bags: 2
  • Maximum Weight: 35.2 lb or 10kg total

TAP Classic, TAP Plus, TAP Basic, and TAP Discount

  • Number of bags: 1
  • Maximum Dimension:  45 linear inches or 115 cm (55 X 40 x 20cm)
  • Maximum Weight: 17.6 lb or 8 kg

*On Beechcraft equipment, passengers can carry 1 carry-on baggage weighing up to 13.2 lb/6 kg

Checked Baggage

  • TAP Executive: 2 items up to 70.5 lb or 32 kg
  • TAP Plus, TAP Basic, TAP Classic, and TAP Discount: 2 items up to 50 lb or 23 kg
  • 1 item (50 lb or 23 kg) within Europe (including Algeria and Morocco), and between USA/Canada and Europe
  • 2 items (70.6 lb or 32 kg) between Brazil and Europe
  • Each bag must follow size requirements: 62 linear inches or 158 cm (length + width + height)

*For TAP Airlines flights departing from Brazil, Executive and Economy class passengers may carry 2 luggage up to 70 lb/32 kg each.

Weight Concept

  • TAP Executive: 30 kg or 66 lb
  • TAP Plus, TAP Basic, TAP Classic, and TAP Discount: 44 lb/20 kg

Service You Can Expect from Air TAP Portugal Airlines

Air TAP Portugal offers a wide range of meals prepared by chefs using the different flavors of traditional Portuguese and global cuisines like traditional desserts and Portuguese products. Fresh and Cold cuts fruits are offered as snacks in TAP Business Class. The inflight entertainment comes with over 100 award-winning latest or old movies. Passengers can browse the ‘airCHANNEL’ – the inflight entertainment guide to discover what is in store. Air TAP Portugal Airlines give a special gift, color pencils, and games for all children onboard.

Class of Travel

  • Tap Basic- Passengers will get meals during the flight.
  • TAP Classic- Passengers can reserve a standard seat.
  • TAP Plus- It comes with more flexibility and comfort.
  • TAP Executive- Passengers can enjoy priority boarding and access to lounges.
  • Top Executive Class- Passengers are allowed to make changes in itinerary and get a full refund upon cancellation.

‘Easy, convenient & affordable’ we make all of these possible- Air TAP Portugal Reservations

Air TAP Portugal Reservations is a simple and reliable way to book tickets at the best possible price and get the authentic information. Travelers can get updated news about their flight status, baggage, check-in, and ongoing discounts. The experts are available 24/7 to solve your queries and doubts. You can contact an expert through a toll-free helpline number or Live Chat feature.

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