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Scoot Airlines Reservations Flights

Scoot Airlines Reservations would be your new friend now in terms of low-cost air tickets and effective services in-flight. One of Singapore’s low-cost airlines, Scoot was originally founded as Scoot Tigerair Pte. Ltd. This airline is actually under the guidance of Singapore Airlines which do so via Budget Aviation Holdings. This airline began its fleet flying to long-haul and medium-haul destinations in China and India. In mid-2017, Tigerair got partnered with Scoot. Scoot Airlines has its main base at the Singapore Changi Airport. Come let us all have a look at what all services would the experts at Scoot Airlines would have in their box.


Check-in is the most crucial part of any flight and to avail the same, all the passengers are advised to be on time. The passengers who choose Scoot Airlines are advised to follow the below-given check-in methods.

  • Traditional Check-in Service
  • Scoot’s check-in counter open 3hrs early the planned take-off and closes 60 mins prior to the planned take-off with no exceptions.
  • All passengers are highly advised to reach at the airport at least 120 mins prior to the take-off so you may finish the check-in procedures on time.

REMEMBER- Scoot’s check-in counters at Singapore Changi Airport are situated at Row 10 – 12, Terminal 2.

  • Self-Service Check-In

Self Service Check-in is made likely with Scoot Airlines Auto Check-in counter at the airports mentioned below:-

  • Singapore Changi Airport (Self-Service Check-in is accessible from 18 hrs. to 70 mins. prior the take-off for all flights leaving from Singapore)
  • Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (Self-Service Check-in is accessible from 3 hrs. to 65 mins. prior the flight for all flights leaving from Melbourne)
  • Web Check-in

Long queue at the check-in counter may take the opportunity from passengers to choose their favorite seat. But Scoot Airlines now give the passengers a chance to check-in online and to preserve your favorite seat. Passengers can now check-in online for Scoot flights before even reaching the airport. Web Check-in is available prior to 72 hrs. to 1 hr. earlier the flight’s take-off.

REMEMBER- Apart from this with the Scoot-to-Gate facility, passengers can skip the counters and head straight to take-off migration.

Now, an issue with the check-ins can be rescued with the help of experts working at Scoot Airlines Reservations. While you make your ticket bookings at Scoot Airlines Reservations desk, make sure you ask all about the check-ins. In case you still have an issue with the same, reach the Scoot Airlines Reservations experts again and grab information.


Every airline obviously allows its passengers to fly with a stipulated amount of luggage. This luggage needs to have a certain weight and size, exceeding which the luggage could be considered as extra luggage and would be charged the extra amount to carry on in the flight. Come let us make this whole scenario a bit easy, and let us study what is the Free Baggage Allowance policy is all about.

  • Checked baggage

In keeping with Scoot Airline’s viewpoint of maximum choice, Scoot Airlines have pushed numerous checked baggage options into their fare packs for passenger’s accessibility:

  • Fly Bag / Fly Bag Eat- Bag weighing equal to or less than 20 kg is allowed and the measurement should fall equal to or under the sum of (H+W+L) 158 cm.
  • Scoot Biz- Bag weighing equal to or less than 30 kg is allowed and the measurement should fall equal to or under the sum of (H+W+L) 158 cm.

NOTE- Passengers can also choose Scoot Airline’s Fly fare that does not consist of any checked baggage allowance. But if the passenger is in the mood for more loot, they can buy up to 40 kg. of baggage allowance online, no matter of their choice of fare bundle. In line with Local Occupational Health and Safety Rules, each of the checked bags should not exceed 32 kg. Passengers may be asked to re-pack their luggage and take out the extra things until the weigh falls under or equal to 32 kg.

  • Cabin baggage

Now, the cabin luggage has a different measurement and dimension of the luggage. Also, the different destination has a different allowance, come let us have a look at the same-

  • Economy Class- Maximum of 2 bags consisting of a laptop or handbag with collective weight equal to or less than 10kg.
  • Scoot Biz- Maximum of 2 bags consisting of a laptop or handbag with collective weight equal to or less than 15kg.

NOTE- No matter what class of travel you choose, cabin baggage should not go beyond dimensions of 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions should not go beyond 115cm).

Before the passenger gets to the airport, they need to make sure that their cabin baggage does not go beyond the legalized allowance, or they will be recommended to check in their baggage at the airport and be focus to excess baggage fees! Any confusion or amendment in the same can be grabbed from the experts at Scoot Airlines Reservations. These experts would help you grab some great discounts as well on ticket booking.


While Scoot Airlines may offer support, comprising wheelchairs and high lift (available at the airport), from check-in to boarding to seating, passengers would still be able to travel practically freely, comprising the capability to self-medicate, eat and go to the loo. As with any other airline, there are limits on the support Scoot Airlines can provide due to its crew capacity, airplane size, professional health and safety rules and policies.

NOTE- Faraway bay may be given to Scoot Airlines from time to time where level-entry entering and deplaning are not accessible.

If the passenger cannot travel practically freely, Scoot Airlines may need a passenger to travel with an escorting passenger to provide the additional assistance the disabled passenger may need.

All these services and a lot more await the passenger to be theirs. All the passengers need to do is reach the experts at Scoot Airlines Reservations. Reach the experts available at Scoot Airlines Reservations would help you gain some instant bookings options. Also, you can save a good amount on bookings made at Scoot Airlines Reservations. Visit Scoot Airlines Official Website for more details.


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