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Air travels make the journey enjoyable only if you are travelling in a comfortable airline. Passengers find it extremely hard to find the best airline with discounted fares. For that Philippine Airlines Reservations is at your service. The team at Philippine Airlines Reservations will provide you with all the information related to flight bookings, offers, deals, discounts and packages. To make your journey stress-free and amazing, make sure to always travel with Philippine Airlines.

Get To Know About Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines is also known as PAL and was founded by a group of businessmen who were controlled by Andres Soriano who is among the leading industrialists of the country.

In the year 2012, the airline started domestic code code-sharing between PAL and PAL express. Philippine Airlines has improved services for its passengers on the same low-cost budget. Philippine Airlines Flights operate from NAIA Terminal 2, PAL Express at Terminal 3.

Philippine Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Frequent Flyer Program is known as Mabuhay Miles which is made to reward regular passengers. It allows passengers to collect frequent flyer points or air miles ON Philippine Airlines and to its codeshare partners.

Pro Tip: While making Philippine Airlines ticket booking through Alternative Airlines you can achieve air miles or frequent flyer points. You just need to figure your Mabuhay Miles membership number when making your reservation.

Service Offered In Philippine Airlines

Book tickets in Philippine Airlines Flights and get access to entertainment at your fingertips in no-time. Below are the pointers explained to help you know more about the services.

Free Wi-Fi- We offer several choices to our customers and make sure to make their journey entertaining and full of fun by providing them with free wi-fi. The customer can also upgrade to high-speed Wi-Fi by which you can stream various series.

In-Flight entertainment- At Philippine Airlines Flights you will not feel bored as they will give access to free movies, Live TV, series and many more to make your fun and enjoyable.

Delicacies Served

In Philippine Airlines Flights you will get a variety of beverages- both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, hot and cold drinks to choose from. The meal that will be offered to you in the flight depends on the class of travel, departure, destination time, and duration of the flight. To avail special meals facilities you to make an advance request at least 24 hours of the departure.

Baggage Information

Before proceeding further note that each flight has its own baggage allowance policy, while will be confirmed at the time of booking. The free baggage allowance is as listed below:

Carry-on Baggage

This policy applies to all passengers including Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class passengers. Each and every passenger is allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage which must be small enough to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat of the passenger. The maximum dimensions of carry-on baggage os 56 x 36 x 23cm and maximum weight 7kgs.

Below are the following items listed which will be accepted. The passenger is allowed to carry two personal items on-board.

  • Small handbag
  • Jacket, coat, blanket
  • Laptop or a tablet or any other digital device
  • Books
  • Shopping bag
  • Infants food

Checked Baggage

Philippine Airlines has introduced a new line of Fares, where each brand fare is linked with a distinct free baggage allowance based on weight or piece concept and depending on specific routes. The free baggage allowance is valid only for direct flights and may not apply to connect flights.

Check-in Information

There is two check-in process in Philippine Airlines for the passengers. By which they can book and know about all the flight-related information in no time.

Online Check-in

Passengers can check-in via the web by visiting the official website of Philippine Airlines Reservations and entering their booking details. Online check-in is 24/7 available but make sure to check before 1 hour of the flight departure.

Check-in at the Airport

Passengers who are in need of special assistance or the ones who are unable to check-in online can check-in to their Philippine Airlines Flights at the airport. But make sure to check-in before 45 minutes of the flight departure.

Experience a stress-free journey by booking your Philippine Airlines Flights tickets through Philippine Airlines Reservations. Our experts are 24/7 round the clock available for your service.

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