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Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations- Fill Your Heart With Travel!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. The world is a book and those who don’t t travel read only one page. Travelling is different from our usual day, it creates thousand of memory that you will remember for such a long time. Well, I am sure you are currently working on your bucket list, and I think you will never see the end of it, with all the amazing destinations. If you are thinking of flying with Pacific Coastal Airlines in the future then this general information will help you to go through Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations without any hassle.

About Pacific Coastal Airlines

Based in Vancouver, Pacific Coastal Airlines is a Canadian airline. Its operating cargo, Charter and schedules services to destinations of British Columbia. The main headquarter is Vancouver International Airport in Richmond. The airline is operating flights to various exclusive destinations. The airline is flying to Bella Coola, Campbell River, Port Hardy, Masset, Kelowna, Cranbrook, Powell River, Tofino, Anahim Lake, Victoria, Williams Lake and more. The airline is having a fleet size of 31 aircraft. Come and fly with Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations with the best in comfort and affordability.

Basic Information about Pacific Coastal Airlines

Airlines- Pacific Coastal Airlines

Founded- 1987

Headquarter- Vancouver International Airport

Hubs- Vancouver International Airport Richmond, British Columbia

Fleet size- 31


Know about Pacific Coastal Airlines Baggage

Get the most generous and liberal baggage policy when flying by Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations.

Carry-on Baggage

Fliers are allowed only one item to carry as their hand luggage. The hand item must follow the size of 23 x 40 x 55cm and should not exceed 10 kg. Fliers can take their items with them and that must not go beyond the size of 16 x 33 x 43cm and 10 kg weight. Carry your baggage carefully and reserve your seat with Pacific Coastal Airlines by visiting the Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations.

Checked Baggage

According to the Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations, the policy checked baggage allowance depends on the purchased class. For Encore Fare, you can carry two items free of cost without any extra items. Fliers for a classic fare are allowed one item of luggage which is needed to purchase. The Bravo Fare allows passengers not to carry anything for their journey as this fare is basic. Your checked bag must not exceed the weight of 23 kg and should follow the sizes of 158cm. To know more about baggage policy visit the Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations.

Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations’ Cabin Class

This airline has only one class within its cabins. However, the flight experience can be personalized with the different fares, that are available. Know more about baggage policy visit the Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations.

Bravo Fare

It is one of the lowest fares on Pacific Airlines called Bravo. It is a most restrictive ticket with cancellation, refunds charges. The Fare doesn’t include any baggage. You can purchase if you want. Choose your favourite class then reserve your seats with Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations.

Classic Fare

The classic fare is the mid-fare which offers passengers a selection of the seats on board, with some changes being charged less than in the bravo fare. Passengers also have their first checked bag included in the price of the ticket. To know more about this class details visit Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations.

Encore Fare

Get flexible tickets without any charge from the airline for refund, cancellation and for name changes when choosing Encore Fare. Fliers can choose any of their favourite seats before flying and can get access to complimentary two checked baggage allowance. Reserve your seat for Encore Fare with Pacific Coastal Airlines by visiting the Pacific Coastal Airlines Reservations.

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