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Lufthansa is the trusted airline in Germany and one of the biggest airlines in the world. With hub airports at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Munich Airport (MUC), Lufthansa links more than 300 destinations in over 100 countries every year. This airline is one of the largest in Europe in terms of passengers carried by them. They are dedicated to serving travelers with almost 220 destinations to choose. The Lufthansa group has aircraft over 700, making it one of the largest airline fleets in the world. Lufthansa is recognized for the massive fleet operator of Boeing and Airbus. The fleet size of Lufthansa Airlines is 295 which includes Boeing 777, airbus 319 and many more. Through Lufthansa Airlines, you will find the happiness and comfortable seat in every class. They provide perfect services for every journey. Whether it’s Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class – they are dedicated to providing an impressive service for traveling. So don’t wait to lose all great offers and book your next Adventure through Lufthansa Airlines Reservations.

Know about the great service offered by the airlines:

How Can I Check-in to Lufthansa Flights?

To travel with Lufthansa Airlines Flights you can use the following method to check-in.

  • Online Check-In

You can check-in for your Lufthansa reservation using the online check-in page. Click on the Lufthansa logo and enter your flight details on the page to check-in. Lufthansa web check-in opens 23 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. Make your early booking through Lufthansa Airlines Booking.

  • Airport Check-In

Passengers flying through Lufthansa Reservations can check-in at the airport by either visiting the Lufthansa check-in desks or by using the self-service check-in machines. They recommend arriving in plenty of time if you’re checking-in at the airport. Arrive at least 2 hours prior to for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights.

What is the Baggage Policy at Lufthansa Airlines?

The baggage policy for Lufthansa Flights is as per the following guidelines.

Carry-On Baggage

Passengers who are traveling through First and Business class are sanctioned to carry two items. Passengers who are traveling through Economy class and Premium Economy class are sanctioned one carry-on. Items such as Assistive devices and outer garments do not consider as personal items. You must be aware of the following requirements if you are making a journey through Lufthansa Airlines Reservations.

  • Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Luggage: 55cm x 40cm x 23cm / 22in x 16in x 9in (length x width x height)
  • Maximum Weight of Carry-on baggage: 8 Kg/18 lb

Checked Baggage

The following basic regulations should be considered for the free baggage allowance on all Lufthansa Airlines flights.

  • Economy Class: you are allowed to carry 1 bag up to 23 kg (50 lb).
  • Premium Economy Class: you are allowed to carry 2 bags up to 23 kg (50 lb) each.
  • Business Class: you are allowed to carry 2 bags up to 32 kg (70 lb) each.
  • First Class: you can carry 3 bags up to 32 kg (70 lb) each with you.

Excess and Oversize Baggage Fees

  • Economy and Premium Economy Class

Book Lufthansa Tickets for Economy and Premium Economy Class and get the following services.

Bigger than complimentary baggage allowance (from 159 cm):  within Europe / between third countries and on intercontinental flights.

Bigger and heavier than free baggage allowance (24 – 32 kg and from 159 cm): within Europe / between third countries and on intercontinental flights. To get early offers on your booking, make your trip now through Lufthansa Airlines Reservations.

  • Business and First Class

It is bigger than the complimentary baggage (from 159 cm): within Europe / between third countries and on intercontinental flights.

What Cabin Features are waiting for passengers at Lufthansa Flights?

In every class, you will find comfort. Whether it’s Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class – they are dedicated to providing an impressive service for travelling.

Following are the services providing by Lufthansa Airlines:

Economy class: travel easy and better

  • On short and medium-route flights, there is enough space for you to sit and enjoy your journey. The Airlines has provided you with the backrests, comfortable seating and space for legroom. You have ample of space for your legs too to sit comfortably.
  • Flying through Lufthansa Reservations, you get better services whether you are traveling for a short way destination or long way destination. The comfortable seats await you in Economy Class.
  • You can expect a considerable choice of free beverages onboard such as champagne, wine and other drinks. You can also choose between alcoholic and non-alcoholic, hot and cold drinks. According to your wishes, beverages can be served many times but Depending on the length of your flight. You can make your request on drinks which brought to your seat between services. Get Lufthansa Tickets and have an amazing flying experience.
  • On long-haul flights, the wide seat soft cushions and the individually adjustable headrests on each seat ensure you’re enjoying your journey. You can also look forward to an attentive in-flight service that includes a 3-course menu, a second meal and a cocktail service. Sometimes, it may vary depending on the length of the flight and the destination.
  • Regional Chefs from prestigious hotels around the world will surprise you with their excellent menus. Traveling by Lufthansa Flights is great fun, you will get to know different culinary delights from the country. They even keep on changing the chefs and always come with new innovating cuisines.

Premium economy class: more comfort, more services

  • Relish your new ravishing travel experience between Business and Economy Class with friendly hospitality with Lufthansa Airlines. Getting more services and more extras in Premium Economy Class.
  • You get more baggage, more spacious cabin and more benefits. There are lots of benefits connected with short route journey as well as long-route journeys in Premium Economy Class. Accordingly, you’ll have a relaxed flight to your destination and will be able to head off for some sightseeing. Enjoy the entertainment you get through Lufthansa Airlines flights.
  • Extra is the size of the seat you get with even more comfort and also, 50% more room on all sides.
  • Unlimited snacks and meals are available to you. You just have to make your demand through Lufthansa Airlines Tickets.
  • In Premium Economy Class, Lufthansa also organizes meals on fine china. Moreover, passengers are greeted on board with a welcome drink. The selection of complimentary food and beverages is always of a high standard. They are really special with kids and for their food menus.

Business-class cabin: experience luxurious traveling

  • Your journey starts when chauffeur drives to the airport. You get a warm welcome from the staff. Dive in the beauty of the lounges of business-class. Then, enjoy the amenities and services of Lufthansa Business Class on your short or medium-route flight.
  • Travel through the first-rate comfort and reach your destination more happily. Lufthansa Airlines gives you privacy in Business class and an unforgettable experience in your journey. You get Lounge access and priority boarding at the airport.
  • On short-haul flights: the best things about this Airlines is they provide a shortened night service to the passengers and treat them equally. Meals are served to you with champagne. You can also choose your own as what you are wishing for only when booking through Lufthansa Reservations.
  • On long-haul flights: sleep for hours and enjoy the pleasant view. You will experience culinary highlights in business class on every route. Passenger will receive more attention as they have to stay more for their journey. Unlimited snacks and meals are available to you. You just have to make your demand. Enjoy your time in Business class and experience unforgettable services through Lufthansa Airlines Tickets.
  • The motive of the new Lufthansa Business Class is to provide the passenger experience of individual and personal attention on board. You get Extra pillow for a restful night and sleeping without any disturbance without being interrupted. You experience your time in the journey.

First-class cabin: exclusive and unbelievable services

  • Because you create special moments while traveling to your beautiful destination. The moments really should worth it through Lufthansa Airlines.
  • The most interesting part of your Lufthansa first-class journey is you get stunning chauffeur drive to the airport. More baggage allowance and more services are being provided to you. Being greeted by a personal staff at your destination airport.
  • Above the clouds, you get lip-smacking cuisines from all over the world. They hire chefs from the top best hotels and different regions. What’s more? You get a huge space for your time. Shape your travel experience through Lufthansa Airlines Booking with impressive services.
  • You get a delicious meal specially arranged on fine china. The red rose and the caviar service are both important parts of the First Class experience. They are famous for culinary highlights and awarded for the best wine. Wherever your journey takes you through Lufthansa Tickets you’ll arrive feeling more refreshed
  • Moreover, the entertainment of channels and live sport you get while traveling to your place. These are the services you get through Lufthansa Airlines Reservations. Moreover, you make your memorable moments in your journey with your friends and family.

 With a number of ways stay entertained throughout your journey. To enjoy its world-class services along with impressive discounts on each booking. Get Lufthansa Airlines Tickets now and enjoy a variety of signature travel experiences with the world’s best products and innovative service offerings like Inflight entertainment, renowned chefs and many more.

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