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LOT Polish Airlines Reservations Flights

Legally registered under the name Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A. but now known as LOT Polish Airlines is the flag bearer of Poland. This airline has its base in Warsaw was started in the year 1928. This airline is now among other ancient airlines that are still in action. LOT Polish Airlines has a fleet size of 73 airplanes that covers 101 destinations in Europe, North America, and Asia region. Large no. of destinations began their journey from the hub airport of LOT Polish Airlines i.e. Warsaw Chopin Airport. Now, if anyone plans to fly with this airline to his/her desired destination, he/she would be willing to know about the features and services that would be provided by this airline. The passengers can always ask the experts available at LOT Polish Airlines Reservations about any amendment (if made) and get their doubts cleared on the same.


Not just with LOT but all the airlines that fly across the globe or in domestic destinations too, allow the luggage as per the class the passenger is traveling to. Also, the destination to which the passenger is traveling also matters. Below, we have described the luggage policy as per the class of both carry-on luggage and checked-in luggage. In case any of the passengers face any issue after this as well, he/she can reach the experts at LOT Polish Airlines Reservations.

  • LOT Business Class – 2 bags weighing equal to or less than 9 kg, each.
  • LOT Premium Economy (intercontinental flights) – 2 bags weighing equal to or less than 12 kg, each (1 piece max. 8 kg.)
  • LOT Premium Economy (international flights) – 1 bag weighing equal to or less than 8 kg.
  • LOT Economy Class – 1 bag weighing equal to or less than 8 kg.
  • LOT Economy Saver – 1 bag weighing equal to or less than 8 kg.

NOTE- Passenger’s handbag must fit in the overhead bin on board or under the seat in front of the passenger.

In case of flights operated by DH4 airplane “Delivery at airplane” method applies. The cabin baggage will be weighed down into the hold before taking-off and given back to the passenger after landing. So it is crucial to remember in such a case that before giving in your bag, all precious objects like laptop, money, keys, important documents, etc. need to be taken away from the bag by the passenger and is suggested to be taken on board with him/her, on a flight.

Come; now let us look at the permitted size of the equipment and other gears that the passenger can take with him/her:-

  • The transportation of hunting weapons is allowed upon demonstration of all the necessary certifications and licenses. The transportation of grenades measuring equal to or less than 5 kg is permitted. Also very important to remember that if the passenger wants to carry weapons and grenades, please inform the officials at LOT Polish Airlines Reservations while booking the tickets or before 48 hours prior departure.
  • Archery tools may only be approved as checked baggage and officials at LOT Polish Airlines require these tools to be carefully and securely packed. Luggage like this sort is comprised within the free luggage allowance. Any other concern reading the gears can be cleared about from the experts at LOT Polish Airlines Reservations.
  • Hunting and sporting arms have an extra charge if they are packed in a single bag as isolated luggage. Small weapon packed in regular checked baggage within the Free Baggage Allowance is not subject to extra charges. Ask about your queries on this from the experts at LOT Polish Airlines Reservations.


Flying anywhere in the globe always needs the passenger to have some food. So LOT Polish Airlines provide its passengers a good menu to choose their meal from. About the same, passengers are advised to inform the experts while ticket booking at LOT Polish Airlines Reservations. Come let us have a look at what class of travel has what menu. Also, flights that are 6 hours long have the food and beverage facility. Others can be made on request.

  • Dinner service at LOT Business Class

Experience cultured and personal service while traveling in LOT Business Class at long-distance flight. Passengers will try the best of cuisines and meals, on-flight. LOT Polish Airlines have exquisite dishes for the passengers, made from pleasure-seeking ingredients, served on great quality porcelain crockery on a wisely placed table. Passengers will feel as if they were in a luxurious restaurant.

LOT Polish Airlines officials in-flight will welcome the passengers with a welcome drink and a quick snack. Also, passengers can taste the diverse range of main-course meal served with salad and starter, while relishing a glass of superb wine. And after a great mealtime, joy in a wide range of desserts and cheeses. Before landing, passengers will get a second meal served on a tray.

  • Wine selection

Passengers traveling with LOT Polish Airlines need to carefully choose to meet their necessities. LOT Polish Airlines select the best wines based on the quality and richness of taste and aroma. Select from a wide and diverse range of red, white and rose wines, as well as port wine and champagne. Apart from this, passengers who choose LOT Polish Airlines have the chance to choose their favorite food from Asian cuisine.

This service and features of the LOT Polish Airlines will make the travel for passengers a lot easier to travel. This airline is a pro in serving its passenger with fine dining and a great menu to choose from. Also in case you are someone with great authority and need of some self-protective weapon, LOT Polish Airlines should be your choice. Make bookings at LOT Polish Airlines reservations and grab some great offers and discounts. Visit LOT Polish Airlines Official Website for more details.

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