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Hainan Airlines Reservations, Call Now For Best Offers On Flight Booking!!!

Hainan Airlines Reservations

Hainan Airlines is an airline that holds its headquarters in Haikou, Hainan, and in the People’s Republic of China. This airline is known to the largest airline that is run by the civilians. It is the 4th largest in terms of the fleet size in the Republic of China region. Also, it is Asia’s 10th largest airline in terms of the passengers it carries away every year. This airline flies away to at least 500 destinations in Hainan including 9 other places on the mainland. To experience this airlines journey, you can simply dial the Hainan Airlines Reservations number and make the bookings. The experts available at this desk would also brief you about the offers and discounts that are going on currently. So reach the experts at Hainan Airlines Reservations and avail best of the benefits.

Also, come let us look at what all features do this airline has to offer you.


Well, luggage is the top worry of many of passengers who travel via airways. To make that tough task an easy one, the experts at Hainan Airlines Reservations would at your service. But for now, you can have a look at what is the actual FBA provided by this airline.

Like we all know that any airways will entertain carry-on luggage and checked-in luggage as per your class and destination. But there is always a slight change in the allowance and the method that one can carry his/her luggage in. so whenever you plan a trip with Hainan Airlines make sure you confirm about the luggage allowance at the time of booking. This will help you learn about the recent changes that are made in the recent baggage policy.

  • Domestic Flight- Economy Class passenger excluding infant is allowed to carry one Carry-on luggage weighing less than 5 Kg. and the measurement should not exceed 20*40*55 cm (height * breadth * weight). Passengers of the First Class and Business Class can carry two pieces of baggage per passenger excluding infants under the same dimensions, of course. Get more clarity on the same while you reserve your ticket at Hainan Airlines Reservations.
  • Flights from the US- Every passenger in this flight can carry one bag per passenger excluding the infants. The weight of the bag should not exceed 10 Kg. and the dimensions should be a sum of 115 cm. (width + height+ breadth). Along with this, the passenger is also allowed to carry a handbag, or a shoulder bag, briefcase, a laptop case that can be carried with him easily. Also, the luggage needs to be fitted easily under the before him/her without any force. Passengers traveling from the US can learn more about this while reserving the tickets at Hainan Airlines Reservations.

For any other destination that you are traveling from or traveling to, we advise you to reach the experts at Hainan Airlines Reservations. They will help you get some of the best and amazing offers that will help you save your money.


The passengers flying with Hainan Airlines have the privilege to have some entertainment packed for them when they fly. The in-flight entertainment includes various options like movies, TV series or shows, gaming apps, music, magazines, and books. You can choose your choice as per your preference. Also, you need to make an advance booking of the same so that we can have all the things ready beforehand. Learn more about the same from the experts that will book your flights at Hainan Airlines Reservations. Though this varies from class to class and destination to destination and you can confirm about your entertainment privileges while making reservations from Hainan Airlines Reservations.


Passengers aged above 60 years are taken care of very crucially. Even if they are flying with a family or alone, the cabin crew at Hainan Airlines makes sure that the senior passenger should not have any issue. The travelers who are traveling alone and are also aged above 60 years, the service staff would assist them in boarding. Also, the cabin crew would help them in settling down their luggage and carrying their carry-on luggage. Any other special need or requirement these elderly people need, the same should be conveyed through the experts at Hainan Airlines Reservations.

All those who are booking flight tickets for an elderly person are advised to make sure that they tell about the special requirements of the elderly person. This will help the cabin crew to be ready beforehand and to provide them with extra care. Tell about your requirements while booking your tickets at Hainan Airlines Reservations. Reach them anytime and the experts at Hainan Airlines Reservations will assure you great help.

These and other such services would be at your service when you plan a trip with Hainan Airlines. The experts at Hainan Airlines Reservations will book the most valuable package for you and would give the best of offers that will save your money. You can learn about different offers, services under such and such fares from the experts at Hainan Airlines Reservations. Also, to experience a breathtaking travel experience, do not forget to book your flight tickets at Hainan Airlines Reservations. Visit Hainan Airlines Official Website for more details.

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