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Hainan Airlines Reservations: Charming Way To Fly

All journeys to any of the destinations leave some marks on our memories. For all your journeys, make sure you choose the right options to make you fly better and comfortably. With our assistance, get information for each and everything relevant for your journey and let’s make it hassle-free. For your bookings, reach to our team at Hainan Airlines reservations. Get exclusive offers and deals on your booking.

About Hainan Airlines

One of the biggest airlines of Haikou, Hainan, and Hainan Airlines is the leading airlines. It is one of the greatest airlines in terms of revenue, passenger’s carried, fleet size, destinations served and what more. Every year, millions of passengers plan their journey to their final destinations with this airline. The airline stands at the fourth-position for being the busiest and famous airline across the world. The main hub of the airline is located at Haikou Meilan International Airport. Other hubs are at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport. Plan your outing now and get ready to save a lot on Hainan Airlines Flights.

Fleet size and Destination

The airline is offering flights to more than 50 countries in more than 30 countries. It is operating regular flights to Berlin, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Beijing, Boston, San Jose, Guangzhou and more. The fleet size of the airline includes 238 aircraft which includes Airbus A350-900, Boeing737-800, more. You can choose your own favorite destination to explore with your special ones. Book it with us at Hainan Airlines Reservations and get great offers o your booking.

Know About the Hub Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport

Based in Beijing, Beijing Capital Airport is one of the busiest airports. It is the major airport that is offering its services to Beijing. It is currently the most popular airport in Asia and stands at Second Position in terms of passenger traffic. The airport is also recognized for being the hub of China Southern, China Southern and Air China. Operating flights of the major airlines to exclusive destinations such as Air Canada, Cambodia Angkor Air, United Airlines and others. For your bookings, reach our team anytime and book your seats for Hainan Airlines Flights.

Know About the Check-in

Get the two best ways to check-in for your flight with Hainan Airlines. Our travel agents will guide you in an authentic way. Check the two ways to check-in,

Online Check-in

For all your routes or flights, you get access to an online check-in facility when you fly by Hainan. This facility is available for all your journeys with Hainan. The facility is available 42 hours prior to your flight timings. You can check-in anytime in between your flight without even your luggage. Know more information on check-in by our team when booking with Hainan Airlines Reservations.

Airport check-in

If not using the online check-in facility then, you can get access to airport check-in. you can check-in 2 hours prior to your domestic flight and 3 hours prior to your international flight with Hainan Airlines.

Know about the cabin classes

Hainan Airlines offering different kinds of exclusive cabin classes. Following are the four cabins that you can choose for your journey,

Economy class

Get comfortable and friendly services to make your journey hassle-free. The seats of the Economy class are wider and full of convenience. There is so much for you to stay entertained throughout your journey. You can watch a large number of films including travel documentaries, classic movies and what’s more. In your journey, get Chinese and western delicious food by the top chefs across the world. The staff of Hainan will treat with friendly hospitality. You also get convenient and comfortable blankets to enjoy the best experience of your journey. Experience a memorable journey on Hainan Airlines Flights.

Premium Economy Class

It is another way of traveling in a more comfortable and convenient way. Get a 38-inch pitch seat and fully recliner seats which will make you feel more comfortable. From delicious meals to complimentary drinks, your journey will be memorable.

Business Class

Experience luxurious services that are full of comfort and convenience. They are offering the best and delicious food which is made with only fresh ingredients and great care to deliver lip-smacking food from across the world. Get experience in the taste of home food by the best chefs. Get in-flight services to make you entertained throughout the time. Watch amazing classic movies, travel documentaries, Hollywood and Bollywood movies and you can also listen to unlimited songs. Get ready and fly high to your destination with premium services. Reserve your seats at Hainan Airlines Reservations and get exclusive offers.

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