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EVA Airlines has been improvising its quality services from its very first year, is now rated by the international quality rating organization, SKYTRAX as a 5-star airline. The rating helps EVA Airlines to climb up in the list of top 10 exclusive 5-star Airlines in the world. The airline is being famous for its unique range of colorful Hello Kitty Jets. The unique aircraft, luxurious services, efficient professionals, highly-comfortable seating arrangements, and cost-effective fares make EVA Airlines Flights’ first choice of millions of travelers.

The lucrative deals and packages of EVA Airlines Reservations are available for more than 40 international destinations in Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe.

Routes Covered by EVA Airlines Flights

EVA Airlines has an extensive global flight network that connects Mainland China and Asia to Oceania, North America, and Europe. Based at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, EVA Airlines Flights covers more than 40 international destinations.

Easily available and affordable Popular Routes

EVA Airlines operates a large number of flight operations among a few routes due to high demand. Because of the large number of operations, it’s very easy to find great discounts of EVA Airlines Reservations, if you are traveling between any of the popular routes mentioned below:

  • Los Angeles – Taiwan
  • Japan – Taiwan
  • Seoul – Taiwan
  • London – Taiwan
  • Bangkok – Taiwan

Pack Your Bags accordingly to Save Extra Charge- Baggage Allowance

Before flying through EVA Airlines Flights, you must be aware of the baggage policy to avoid additional charges. As per international baggage regulation, the airline charge baggage fees for every bag that exceed their baggage restrictions, otherwise it would not be transported. So, read these baggage allowances carefully.

Checked Baggage

EVA Airlines Flights to/from Canada and the US and certain countries in Central and South America:

  • Baggage Allowance: 2 items
  • Maximum Dimensions: 157 cm (length + width + height)/ 62 linear inches
  • Maximum Weight for all classes: 32 kg/ 70 lb

EVA Airlines Flights to most other destinations:

  • Maximum Weight for Economy and Premium Economy Class: 20 kg/ 44 lb total
  • Maximum Weight for Business Class: 30 kg/ 66 lb total
  • Maximum Weight for First Class: 40 kg/ 88 lb total

Please Note: Depending on your originating and destination city, there are some exceptions to the above details. Make sure to ask the executive of Eva Airlines Reservations or read your booking confirmation email carefully.

Carry-on Baggage

All carry-on luggage must fit properly under the seat storage or overhead bin. Furthermore, passengers are allowed to carry one personal item (laptop, overcoat, purse) whose dimensions do not exceed 45 ins/115 cm and which does not heavier than 7 kg/15 lbs.

Be careful when carrying these items:

If you checked any portable electronic gadget (including medical equipment) with lithium batteries in your baggage allowance, please be cautious of the following:

  • Your all gadgets must be switch off (not in airplane or sleep mode) also, must avoid any unintentional activation.
  • Protect your electronics from damage during your journey any flier who disturbs the rules may be charged some penalty by the local government official.

Services you can expect in Eva Airlines Flights

Eva Airlines delivers award-winning services and customer satisfactory experience, both in-flight and on-ground. Based on the travel class you select, you can enjoy a range of quality services including in-flight Wi-Fi, global roaming, and touch-screen entertainment systems.

The airline serves the flavors of the world wrapped within the exclusive global delicacies along with premium drinks in its in-flight menu. For those travelers flying in the premium section of Eva Airlines Flights will get high-end spa product from the Rimowa Amenity Kits, and pajamas to relax in.

Travel Classes

EVA Airlines Reservations offer these following classes to fly:

  • Economy
  • Elite Class or also known as the premium economy
  • Royal Laurel Class/ Premium Royal- the business class

Fleet Details of Eva Airlines

Currently, Eva Airlines operates 78 aircraft (excluding the EVA Airlines Cargo Fleet). The airline used a variety of Airbus and Boeing models.

AircraftIn Service
Airbus A321-20022
Airbus A330-2003
Airbus A330-3009
Boeing 777-300ER34
Boeing 787-94
Boeing 787-106

Choose Eva Airlines Reservations for a hassle-free flying experience

Eva Airlines flights assure you to deliver the best comfortable ride possible that will stay in your mind for a longer period. However, air-traveling is not only limited to select a flight to fly but its lots of accepts that a traveler must consider. From finding a perfect class as per your budget to check-in the baggage before flight take-off, there are lots of procedures.

Eva Airlines Reservations is a one-stop platform for travelers. From booking to check-in, a professional team will available to assist you 24/7 through a toll-free helpline number. In addition, you can save lots of money through great deals and offer on Eva Airlines flights tickets.


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