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Be it some coastal country with enormous beaches or any beautiful hilly place with several mountain ranges, you need a planned trip wherever you go. Planning a vacation is not a big deal. The most crucial part is planning the expenses, this takes a lot of effort to think, decide, and plan the best vacation that fits your budget. Many people tend to cut down their travel expenses to save for their trip. Cutting down the expenses from your travel may make your traveling less comfortable or the quality of your travel might get degraded. What if we say, now you can travel with fewer expenses without even compromising on your comfort? Check out the helpdesk of Air China Reservations and get on board with Air China.

Besides being the best at taking you to your place with quality and safety, we at Air China make sure to help and assist our passengers on each step of their journey with us. What are you waiting for? Board the Air China Flights and feel comfortable like never before.

Choose your Destination & Enjoy Your Journey

Air China Flights commute to almost 201 destinations including both International and domestic locations in more than 40 countries. Air China has a large fleet of 424 aircraft. The major destinations covered by Air China Flights include Hongkong, Beijing, Yantai, Barcelona, Houston, New York City, Los Angeles, and Mexico City, among others. Choose your dates and destinations and tell us, leave everything to Air China Reservations Department.

Some of the Most Famous Routes of Air China

  • Shanghai to Guilin.
  • Shenyang to Beijing.
  • Beijing to Chengdu.
  • Tianjin to Guangzhou.
  • Shanghai to Haikou.
  • Shanghai to Harbin.
  • Nanchang to Beijing.
  • Yantai to Beijing.

Air China Reservations OnlineBook Your Flight Tickets Effortlessly!

Follow the given step-by-step guide and make your reservation online.

  1. The user must open any browser and access the website’s booking API.
  2. Find the plan my trip option. The traveler must select the booking option.
  3. The passenger must then provide some basic information, like the destination, the number of passengers, and the travel date, among other things.
  4. When the customer is finished providing these details, a list of flights is placed in front of them.
  5. Now, passengers can select a flight based on their needs,  in addition to the seat and cabin class.
  6. Lastly, pay for your reservations and you will receive the confirmation mail in your registered email ID.

Greatest Offers and Deals

Get access to the greatest deals and offers with the benefit of making a personalized package for your journey to make your travel pocket-friendly. easy access to Deals, Offers, and packages that are available to us. You can make incredible journeys to beautiful destinations with your special ones. Plan your trip, pack your bags and reserve your flights for Air China Flights and get the biggest discounts.

Exclusive Discounts on Fares of First-Class and Economy Class

The quality of services provided by Air China Flights doesn’t depend on the class. Each and every class is provided with the best and premium quality of services and assistance. if you book your flights with Air China Reservations, you can avail the benefits of a free in-flight entertainment system and Wi-Fi even in economy class. Air China provides comfort and convenience to your journey. Find the best and greatest offers on cabin reservations with Air China Reservations. Find an ample number of benefits and first-class facilities during your travel on Air China Flights.

First Class: Opulent Experience

Get comfortable and spacious seats with much bigger legroom, and enjoy your journey with full comfort and safety in a first-class cabin. Each and every traveler in first-class is provided with a pillow, blankets, entertainment systems installed, Wi-Fi facility, option to choose your meals on your own, etc. however, you also get a complimentary facility of assistance that is available 24×7 and our experts are ready to assist you anytime.

Economy Class: Safety and Comfort

Air China has a pocket-friendly cabin for those who have a tight budget. The economy class is also referred to as ‘Main Cabin’. And the economy class is also sub-categorized into two other cabins; The Main Cabin and the ‘Saver’ Fare. There are also extra facilities that you can enjoy during your travel with Economy Class. Travelers can also get updated with the outside world while they are on board with our in-flight Wi-Fi. Get your tickets at discounted fares with Air China Reservations.

Air China Frequent Flyer ProgramBook and Redeem Your Points

The frequent flyer program of Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Tibet Airlines, and Dalian Airlines is called PhoenixMiles. PhoenixMiles, the very first frequent flyer program to be introduced in mainland China, was created to reward loyal passengers who frequently fly on local and international routes operated by Air China and its alliance partners.

Collecting PhoenixMiles Points
Simply choose “PhoenixMiles” from the list of frequent flyer options when making an Air China reservation through Air China official site. After that, you may add your unique membership number and start earning points whenever you fly!

Fly with Air China and Enjoy Inflight Amenities

In order to keep travelers from getting bored or uncomfortable while traveling, Air China provides some extremely great service. It provides its customers with a variety of in-flight periodicals and newspapers, 12 music channels, and 8 vintage regional films by well-known filmmakers including John Woo and Xie Fei. The most cutting-edge AVOD system in the world is installed in wide-body aircraft, and it offers hundreds of music CDs, hundreds of multilingual classic movies, and a broad variety of games to keep passengers occupied throughout the voyage.
They also provide a range of main dishes. They serve hot porridge and upscale snacks for breakfast. They serve home-style pork, chicken, and seafood meals for dinner together with rice or noodles.

On short flights, they serve appetizers including hamburgers, western sandwiches, and Chinese-baked cake. For breakfast and dinner, they also provide a good assortment of yogurt and fruits.
You get the chance to experience the culinary traditions of the places you travel to because their menus also offer regional delicacies that change according to routes.

Air China Reservations – Important Services

In terms of services, Air China is among the most prominent names in the airline industry. And to reach here, it has worked hard to improve its customer service. You can get detailed information about our flights and find solutions to your queries and complaints. You can get all of that with the help of our team at Air China Reservations. For your reference, we have listed some of the services that we provide to our customers.

  1. Stepwise assistance for making reservations.
  2. Hassle-free refund policies.
  3. Get assistance 24/7.
  4. Instant reservation and flight booking for one-way or round trips.
  5. Stress-free cancellation process.
  6. Amazing offers and discounts on airfares.
  7. Get full information for security and check-in policies.
  8. Detailed information related to baggage limits.
  9. Secured payment methods.

Solve Your Queries in an Instant With Air China Reservations Phone Number

Some of the most popular queries customers have and their easy solutions are given below for your reference

  • In case you replace any of your Air China Flights tickets while booking, you can reach our experts anytime. But make sure to cancel your bookings 2 hours before flight departure.
  • You could replace your flight bookings anytime if you made a mistake while booking it.
  • If you want an online ticket, you can ask for it from our professional travel agents and can get the fastest process.


How much luggage can I take on Air China?

Adults and children traveling in First/Business Class are permitted to check in two pieces of free luggage,  up to 32 kg (70 lb). Passengers traveling in premium economy class are permitted to check up to two pieces of complimentary standard luggage, each of which may weigh up to 23 kg (50 lb).

How can I check if my flight is confirmed?

Simply log in to the airline’s PNR Status website if you wish to know every detail regarding your flight, and information will appear on your screen. The best way to get flight confirmation is to check your PNR status. Therefore, you must check the airline’s PNR Status before taking off while flying with any airline.

What’s the best way to make Air China reservations?

Passengers can book their flights through various methods on Air China. However, making reservations at Air China is the best or easy way to book your flights.

How to contact Air China?

You can dial the Air China Reservations Phone Number USA (1800 200 6799) and get in touch with the agent easily.

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