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Aer Lingus Airways Reservations

Now Aer Lingus Airways Reservations will help you book your tickets at good prices and assures you a journey which is comfortable and safe. Aer Lingus Airways is the flag carrier hailing from Ireland and is also the 2nd largest airline in the country. It used to be a member of the one world airline alliance, which it left on 31 March 2007. The airlines have a hybrid business model, as per which it operates a mixed fare service on its European routes and full service and two-class flights on transatlantic routes. Aer Lingus consists of an all-Airbus fleet. At this moment the airline runs generally scheduled and sometimes limited charter flights to a total of 92 airports, across 24 countries. Some destinations are also served seasonally by this airline. Come and have a look at what all features do this airline has to offer you. You can also plan your trips with Aer Lingus Airways Reservations anytime and would be more than happy to avail that.


The passengers flying with this airline need to follow this airline’s rules and regulations for the luggage they want to carry. We have tried our best to help you with the same below-

Aer Lingus Allowance-

Maximum weight: 10kg (22lb)

Maximum size:-

Height: 55cm (21.5″)

Width: 40cm (15.5″)

Length: 24cm (9.5″)

You can also get one small individual item, ex- small handbag, laptop case, duty-free or baby moving bag with a maximum size:

Height: 25cm (10″)

Width: 33cm (13″)

Length: 20cm (8″)

Other information can be talked to the experts at Lingus Airways Reservations. These experts would help you grab some great assistance related to your baggage.

Aer Lingus Regional Allowance-

Maximum weight: 7kg (15lb)

Maximum size:-

Height: 48cm (18.5″)

Width: 33cm (13″)

Length: 20cm (8″)

All the dimensions and measurements are mentioned above and would be very helpful for all those traveling to a domestic destination or to an international one. Also, the passengers should re-check about the same while booking their flight tickets at Aer Lingus Airways Reservations. Any amendment made by the airlines would be told to the passenger as per his/her destination.


•    Please note that if the passenger is connecting from our Aer Lingus service to our Aer Lingus Regional service, the 7kg (15lb) cabin baggage allowance will relate for both fragments of the passenger’s journey.

•    Please confirm your cabin baggage is within the definite allowance. Bags outside of this allowance must be checked in and the related bag fee will apply.

•    The cabin baggage should meet the above-mentioned criteria of measurement and dimensions including the handles and wheels.

•    The officials of Aer Lingus Airways would suggest you all carry all their personal baggage with them.

All these features and more would help you get some great help. The advice given by our experts at Aer Lingus Airways Reservations would help you, anyhow.

Meals and Refreshments

Passengers who fly away with this airline would help you in booking ticket along with your favorite meals. Tell about all your likes and dislikes, you must have in the meals and allergic spices. Our chefs on board would keep the same thing in mind and would give you meals that would be delightful and tasty. So make sure that while you make bookings at Aer Lingus Airways Reservations and plan your meals beforehand. The experts at Lingus Airways Reservations would help you with the updated menu and also would plan a special menu.

All such features would be your ones you reach the experts at Aer Lingus Airways Reservations. These experts would help you grab some of the best low-cost ticket fares. Also, the experts are accessible for a time period of 24/7. The experts would be glad to offer you all with the best service and instant ticket booking. Feel free and guarded while you make reservations at Aer Lingus Airways Reservations as the experts know their job well. These experts would assure you of some great offers which will surely fascinate you.

The experts at Lingus Airways Reservations run different offers like group travel deals, business trips, family and friends, vacations tours and more. So now you can pay less and enjoy more on bookings made at Lingus Airways Reservations. Visit Aer Lingus Airways Official Website for more details.

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