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WestJet Airlines Reservations Flights

WestJet Airlines is an airline in the market that will give you some of the best flying experience. Make your bookings at WestJet Airlines Reservations. In the year 1966, WestJet Airlines was founded on Canadian land. This airline was actually started as the substitute for the already running airlines in the state, as WestJet Airlines is a low-cost air carrier.

It’s time to look at services offered by this airline to its passengers. By the way, do not forget that you can always learn about the same at WestJet Airlines Reservations any time.

Step-by-Step Process of Booking WestJet Flights 

In the modern age of the internet, it’s unbelievably easier to access a vast range of services. However, nothing is foolproof, and thus, airlines like WestJet have multiple channels for providing their services. 

There are three ways passengers can book Westjet flights for their travel needs; let’s discuss them all. 

Online Method of WestJet Reservation 

This is by far the best & quickest method of making a reservation with WestJet. In order to book a flight this way- 

  • Firstly, visit the official site for WestJet – 
  • Secondly, under the Book a Flight heading, select your trip/travel details and click on Get Flights. 
    • Type of Trip 
    • Origin 
    • Destination 
    • Date of Travel 
    • Number of Passengers 
  • Thirdly, select the flight & the fare class you prefer. Then, click on Continue to proceed to the Details section. 
  • Either select Sign-In or Continue as Guest. In case you select “Continue as Guest,” you’ll have to fill in your personal information for the airlines. 
  • Then, continue to the Seat Selection Map. You can skip this part if you wish. 
  • Lastly, select any additional service if you wish, or proceed to payment. 

After the airline is done processing your booking request, it’ll send you a confirmation email. 

Book a Flight Through WestJet Customer Service 

Alternatively, passengers can contact WestJet Customer Service at 1-888-937-8538. Then, follow the IVR instructions to get in touch with a Westjet representative.  

Then, as for a flight reservation and provide all the information they ask of you- 

  • Travel Information 
  • Personal Details 
  • Additional Services, etc 

Lastly, proceed with the payment and wait for the airline to send you a confirmation email. 

By Ticket at the Airport Counter 

The last way to book WestJet flights is to go to your nearest airport. Then, go to the ticketing counter at the airport & demand a flight for your destination onboard WestJet. And follow the instructions given to you by the counter clerk. 

Westjet Airlines Overview 

The second largest airline in the great nation of Canada & the ninth largest airline in the world, on the basis of passengers carried per day. So, let’s check out the basic information about this airline. 

Headquarters Calgary, Alberta 
Fleet Size 109 Aircrafts 
Destinations 109 Destinations, 24 Countries 

WestJet Airlines Fare Class 

In order to make WestJet flights available to as many people as possible, the airline has separate traveling/cabin classes. The cabin classes offer travel onboard Westjet at different price ranges and with different inflight services. 

So, let’s discuss in a bit of detail the Westjet Fare Classes. 

Economy Cabin 

This is the cheapest fare class available onboard WestJet flights. So in case a passenger is planning to travel on a short-haul route & doesn’t crave a particularly luxurious experience. Then, this is the perfect fare for them. 

Although, just because it’s the cheapest fare class, doesn’t mean that passengers don’t get access to some fun services, like- 

  • Comfortable & Reclinable Seats 
  • Complimentary Soft Drinks & Snacks 
  • Inflight Entertainment System (TV) for Long-haul Flights 
  • Magazines & Books for short-haul flights 

Premium Cabin 

This is the intermediatory Cabin Class of WestJet. It is slightly more expensive than Economy, but it also provides some additional services & luxuries to the passengers. So, for passengers on long-haul flights, be it domestic or international. This is the best option. 

Some of the services passengers can enjoy with the Premium Cabin fare are- 

  • Get more space with larger seats. 
  • Hot Meals with Complimentary Beer/Wine 
  • Movie & TVs as inflight entertainment 
  • Free Internet Access 
  • Video Games 
  • Magazines 
  • Additional Checked Baggage Allowance (2 bags) 
  • Priority Security, Baggage, Check-In & Boarding 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Rocky Mountain Toiletries 

Business Cabin 

This is the most expensive fare class on WestJet Airlines. Get a truly luxurious travel experience when traveling to your favorite destination with this. If money is not a problem, then this cabin class is your optimum choice. 

  • Get access to extra wide seats (46×22 inches). Custom Designed Pillows & Blankets. 
  • Complimentary Water Bottle & Beverage on Boarding. 
  • Enjoy complimentary hot meals 
  • Selection of Wines 
  • Special/Requested Dietary Meals 
  • Inflight entertainment – Movies, Video Games, Music Channels, etc 
  • Priority Service 
  • Two Checked Bags Allowance 
  • Lounge Access 

Learn the Quickest Way to Alter Your Itinerary – WestJet Manage Booking 

The manage booking section on the official site of WestJet is a tool that allows passengers to interact with their reservations. In addition to that, it also allows them to alter or make additions to their bookings. 

So, let’s start with the steps needed to access this feature. 

  • Firstly, visit and click on Manage Trips. 
  • Secondly, select Manage Flights, fill in your booking details & click on Search. 
    • Reservation Code 
    • Last Name of the Passenger 
  • Then, wait for the site to retrieve your booking. 

Now that you know how to access your booking using WestJet Manage Booking let’s talk about all its services. 

All the Services Available to Passengers with WestJet Manage Booking 

Abort Your Reservation – Flight Cancellation 

If a passenger’s travel plan is no longer possible, they can request a flight cancellation. Depending on the fare type, route & time of cancellation, WestJet may charge them a small fee. So, let’s see some of the important policies regarding flight cancellation. 

  • Passengers can cancel their flights for free within 24 hours of booking, regardless of the fare class or destination. However, this rule doesn’t apply if the flight is scheduled to depart within the next 24 hours. 
  • In case of cancellation of Basic Fares, the airline will void the entire fare amount. That is to say; the passenger will not get any refund or travel credits. However, there is an exception; for EconoFlex fares, the airline will convert the fare amount to Travel Credits. 
  • For Business & Premium fares, the airlines may charge a small cancellation fee. 
  • Lastly, for PremiumFlex/BusinessFlex, the passengers can cancel their flights for free & receive a complete refund. 

Alter Your Travel Plans – Flight Change 

Passengers can make alterations to their flight date & timing. However, WestJet may charge them for such a service. There are a few policies that WestJet has in place regarding the flight change service. 

  • WestJet has a 24-hour flight change policy that says passengers can change their flights within 24 hours of booking. In such a case, the change request will be free, regardless of the fare class or destination. 
  • However, in case the flight is scheduled to depart within the next 24 hours, the 24-hour change policy will not apply. 
  • In case you booked your flight more than 24 hours ago. Then, depending on your route & fare class, the airline may charge you for a flight change. 
  • Lastly, flexible fares like EconoFlex, PremiumFlex & BusinessFlex has complimentary change service included. That is to say, passengers with these fares can change their flight up to an hour before the scheduled departure for no charge. 

Advanced Seat Selection 

In case a passenger forgot or did not wish to choose seats during the booking process, they can do so later using manage booking. Also, the charges for advanced seat selection range from $3.68 to $173.56. 

However, depending on the fare class & the seat type, the airline may or may not apply this charge. 

Included/Complimentary/No Charge – ✔, Charged – X 

Fare Class Standard Seat Preferred Seat Exit-Row Seat 
EconoFlex ✔ ✔ 
Premium/Business ✔ ✔ ✔ 
  • Also, for passengers with fares other than Basic, Seat Selection is free at the Check-In counter/during check-in. 
  • And passengers have to pay the seat selection charge in the same currency as the one used to make the reservation. However, this is not the case if the passenger makes the seat selection within 24 hours of departure. 
  • Lastly, seat selection charges become non-refundable if the flight departure is within 24 hours, regardless of the fare class. 

Escalate Your Traveling Experience with Flight Upgrade 

Passengers can upgrade their fare to a higher fare class for a fee. However, we recommend that you select the upgraded fare during the booking process. Due to the fact that the sum of the original fare & the upgrade cost might exceed the cost of the upgraded fare during the booking process. 

  • Passengers can upgrade their fares only up to the Check-In. After that, WestJet does not allow any passenger to make any changes to the fare. 
  • Basic & Premium can upgrade to Business or Basic/Premium/Business Flex. 
  • Business fares can only be upgraded to Business Flex. 

Check-In to Your Flights in Advance 

Lastly, passengers don’t need to wait in long lines to check in to their flights. WestJet allows passengers to perform remote check-in. This is especially beneficial to passengers without any checked baggage. 

Since they can skip the line at the counter & Check-In via the WestJet Manage Booking section & head straight to the security checkpoints. 

Purchase Additional Baggage 

As mentioned above, passengers can increase the baggage allowance on their itinerary through manage booking. However, the charges for extra bags differ depending on the number of bags, fare class & the time of purchase (pre-paid or during check-in). 

Pre-Pay Baggage Charges 

Fare Class 1st Bag 2nd Bag 3rd Bag 4th Bag 
Basic $60 – $70 $90 -$107 $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
Econo/Member Exclusive $30 – $35.40 $50 – $59 $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
EconoFlex Included $50 – $59 $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
Premium or PremiumFlex No Fee No Fee $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
Business or Business Flex Included Included $100 – $118 $100 – $118 

Pay During Check-In 

Fare Class 1st Bag 2nd Bag 3rd Bag 4th Bag 
Basic $70 – $82.60 $100 – $118 $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
Econo/Member Exclusive $40 – $47.20 $60 -$70 $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
EconoFlex Included $60 – $71 $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
Premium or PremiumFlex No Fee No Fee $100 – $118 $100 – $118 
Business or Business Flex Included Included $100 – $118 $100 – $118 

All the Popular Destinations of WestJet Airlines 

Being such a large airline, WestJet operates a vast array of routes, both inside & outside of the United States. Providing travel services to all the places that we as travelers can imagine or hold on our bucket list. 

In this section, we will discuss all the popular destinations served by this airline. 

Inside the U.S. 

  • Phoenix 
  • San Francisco 
  • Los Angles 
  • Kahului 
  • Oahu 
  • Kauai 
  • Palm Springs 

Outside of the U.S. 

  • Toronto 
  • Montreal 
  • Calgary 
  • Saskatoon 
  • Belize 
  • Costa Rica 
  • Cuba 
  • Dominican Republic 
  • Barcelona 
  • Dublin 

Learn How to Get Reservations for Low Prices – Tips & Tricks for Booking WestJet Flights 

Even though Westjet offers fares for cheap to passengers and regularly provides offers & deals. There are more ways to ensure that your fare price is as low as possible. 

So, let’s discuss them all here.  

Have Flexibility with Your Destinations  

Most cities, especially tourist destinations & metropolitans, have at least two airports to direct the incoming volume of people. One major and an alternative airport, usually the major airport has access to public transportation & more services. Thus, they are more expensive to operate. So, while booking, select the alternative airport. 

Also, in case your destination is a major tourist hub like New York, it’s best not to fly directly to it. Instead, travel to a nearby city with less tourist traffic & from there, travel by road to your destination. 

Avoid Direct Flights  

Non-Stop flights serve less passengers per trip than indirect flights and so operate at a greater cost. So, we recommend you book an indirect flight to your location. Also, be on the lookout for indirect flights from your origin to a city nearby to your destination, connecting to your destination city. 

That is, due to the fact that sometimes such flights cost cheaper than a direct flight. 

Actively Look for Deals & Offers  

WestJet periodically provide new deals & offers for passengers to enjoy. This is true, especially during travel seasons or holidays. So, before you proceed with your booking, look for the Deals & offers section on the website, or alternatively, connect with a 3rd party booking agent. 

Pay Using Credit Card  

Banks generally provide a lot of exciting offers to passengers for booking a flight using Credit Cards. Also, generally speaking, credit card holders are often eligible for additional services like lounge access, priority service, etc. 

Keep in Mind the Travel Season  

One of the biggest factors that derive not only fare prices but the prices of services at your destination is the travel season. he incoming tourist volume for a location can be divided into three categories/seasons – On, Off and Shoulder.  

  • During Off-Season, there is almost no crowd and the prices for commodities & activities are at its lowest. However, most of the tourist activities are also not available at this time. 
  • On Season is the liveliest time of the year for any destination, all the activities are open and the weather is perfect. However, there are dense crowds of tourists & the prices are extremely high. 
  • Shoulder season is the time just before or after the On Season. During this time many of the activities are available. However, it isn’t crowdy & the prices are reasonable. 

So, that’s why it’s best to travel during shoulder season to get the best value for your money.  

Quickest Ways to get a Hold of the Airline – WestJet Customer Service, Social Media & More 

Customer Service Number 1-888-937-8538 
WestJet Vacations 1-877-737-7001 
Hearing Impaired 1-877-952-0100 
Differently Abled Support 1-866-693-7853 
Email Contact Form 
Facebook Messenger 
Twitter @WestJet 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do I speak to someone at WestJet? 

The easiest ways to talk to someone at WestJet is through the customer care number (1-888-937-8538). However, in case that’s not possible, you can also, connect with them via their Twitter Handle or Facebook Messenger. 

Q2. Where do I find my WestJet reservation code? 

The first place to look for your WestJet reservation code is to open your email and check for the latest mails from WestJet. Once you find them, look for the subject line, “Confirmation Mail” and open it. This mail will most probably have your confirmation code. 

Alternatively, if there’s no email. Then, visit the official site for Westjet and click on Manage Trips. Then, click on Manage Flights and scroll down and select “Lost Your Reservation Code?” Fill in the information asked and proceed to click Email Itinerary. 

Q3. How long do you wait on hold for WestJet? 

The hold time on any customer care helpline depends of various factors like call volume, time of the day, staff availability, etc. However, the average wait time for a WestJet call is 3 Minutes & 48 Seconds. 

Q4. Does WestJet have a live chat? 

Yes, WestJet has a live chat feature, although it is not available on the official site. In order to access the live chat, passengers can connect to the Twitter or Facebook page of WestJet. 

Q5. How do I contact WestJet from Mexico? 

The quickest way to get in touch with WestJet from Mexico is to call them on their official customer care line at 001-855-269-2979. 

Call Now +1-888-503-5334