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eva airlines reservations

EVA Airlines is considered to be one of the famous airlines. The headquarter is situated at Taoyuan International Airport near Taiwan. The experts available will manage customers and offer lucrative deals and packages to residents over 40 international destinations.

The reason for Eva Airlines being famous is only for the excellent services offered to its customers. The staff onboard are efficient professionals who tend to help you with each step you take from departure to arrival. So, without losing a second, plan your dream place through EVA Airlines Reservations. Get amazing offers and irresistible deals on your EVA Airlines Booking.

EVA Airlines Flights, as of now, is the second biggest carrier in Taiwan and is a piece of the Star Alliance group, which enables travelers to appreciate an incredibly unique 1,400 destinations in more than 190 nations worldwide. In addition, it has a territorial backup called UNI Air and codeshare agreements with numerous aircraft, including Air China, All Nippon Airways, Asian Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, and Singapore Airlines.

Popular Destinations Served By Eva Airlines

  • Brisbane
  • Hong Kong
  • Paris
  • Toronto
  • Shanghai
  • Vienna
  • Tokyo
  • Milan
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Hanoi
  • London
  • Houston
  • Phuket
  • Seoul
  • Taichung

Make Eva Airlines Reservations Using the Official Website

  1. Firstly, visit the official page of Eva airlines.
  2. Then, on the homepage, click on ‘book a flight.’
  3. Afterward, input the details such as type of trip, flight to and from, date, cabin class, and the number of travelers.
  4. Then, select the fare class according to your preference.
  5. To confirm your booking, fill in your contact and personal details.
  6. Then, make the payment using the available methods to confirm your seat.
  7. In the end, Eva Airlines will send your ticket confirmation number to your registered contact details.

Book a Flight Via Phone Number

  1. First, dial the airline customer’s phone number, +1-310-362-6600.
  2. Then, carefully hear the computerized voice to connect with the airline’s live agent.
  3. Now, ask the agent to book a flight on your behalf.
  4. The agent will ask for the details such as a flight to and from, date, number of travelers, and many more.
  5. Afterward, to confirm your booking make the payment using the available method.
  6. In the end, Eva Airlines will send you the ticket confirmation number on your registered contact details.

Know About the Cabin Class And Its Features of EVA Airlines Reservations

Economy Class

The affordable and comfortable Economy Class of EVA Airlines Tickets offers the best services. Try out the shape-memory cushioning in the Economy Class seats with various healthy meals included. Breakfast includes Chinese rice porridge on long-haul flights. The In-Entertainment service is available on 777-300ER and A330-200/300 aircraft. These touch screens are of high resolution with music, movie, and gaming options plus video/audio demand. The shape-memory cushioning on the seats in Economy Class on the 777-300ER and A330-200/300 aircraft provides extra comfort. In addition, the seat feature Adjustable headrests and seat reclines to add full support and rest. To get amazing discounts and deals on each booking, reach EVA Flights.

Premium Economy Class

Passengers traveling in this class will be satisfied with their leisure and business travel. At the same time, the course is simple and stylish, with soothing colors. Moreover, in this class, you will get more foot space and much better services than in the economy class. Therefore, the airline also offers more long and wide seats with free inflight entertainment, complimentary meals, a free overnight kit, a headset, travel-friendly toiletries, and many more.

Premium Laurel/ Business Class

This class of Eva Airlines falls under luxury fare. However, the seat of this cabin class is more comfortable, with a length of 62 inches, with entirely adjustable headrests and footrests to provide its customers with a complete lavish experience.

On the other hand, you will not get bored on your long-haul flights as you will be offered inflight entertainment with multiple movies and songs. And not only the entertainment, but you will also get a complimentary meal and alcoholic beverages, access to the VIP lounge, and many more.

Royal Laurel Class

Awarded a Royal Laurel, the business class of this airline is known for its premium services and humble staff. Passengers can enjoy their time at the airport in an exclusive and premium Star Alliance lounge. At this lounge full of luxury, passengers can dine in peace or get on with any work before the trip. Once on board, the traveler will be provided with a hard-shelled Rimowa amenity kit and have a choice of meals from experienced chefs. The cabin of the class is specially designed, and all seats have direct aisle access. The unique design provides passengers with as much space as possible during the flight. All seats are also easily transformed into lay flatbeds, and passengers are provided with blankets, pillows, and pajamas. On specific aircraft, the airline offers passengers with turn-down service.

Get In Flight Amenities While Flying With Eva Airlines

InFlight ServicesEconomyPremium EconomyPremium LaurelRoyal Laurel
In-flight entertainment
Complimentary Meals
Baggage PriorityNANA
Travel KitNA
Pillow & Blanket SetNA
Access to VIP AreaNANA


How do I contact Eva Air customer service?

You can directly dial the Eva Airlines reservations customer service phone number at +1-310-362-6600.

How do I book an Eva airline reservation?

As noted above, you can book a flight using the official website and by calling the airline customer service contact number.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Eva Air?

According to the airline, you can change your flight at no cost within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. At the same time, changes made after the grace period will charge you $50 per ticket.

How do I check in with Eva Air?

You can make an early check-in via the official website of the airline. Thus, the online check-in can be made 48 hours to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure.

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