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American Airlines allows its passengers decent checked and carry-on baggage allowance. The passengers can carry one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item that can fit under the seat. The size of hand baggage must not exceed 56* 36* 23 cm including handles and wheels so it can fit in the overhead bin. Items like diaper bags and other infant items or medical devices don’t count as a personal items or carry-on luggage. Basic economy passengers are only allowed one unit of carry-on luggage for all the destinations.

As per the American Airlines baggage policy, passengers are allowed the following items:-

  • Carry-on baggage ( one personal item and one carry-on item for free)
  • Checked baggage- Fee applicable per item
  • Overweight and oversized bags- Fees applicable according to the size and weight of the items.
  • Sports equipment- Some items are free while others are charged a fee.

Can I Pay For my Checked Baggage Online American Airlines?

American Airlines passengers on domestic, transpacific, and transatlantic routes are allowed to check-in up to 10 bags per person. Passengers are allowed to check up to 5 bags if they are flying through Mexico, Central America, South America, and Brazil. There are some baggage restrictions to be followed for these destinations. 

For domestic American Airlines flights passengers can check one baggage for $30, the second item costs $40 and the third one costs $150 and after that, any additional item costs $200 each.

There’s an exception for economy class passengers on transatlantic flights that they are permitted to check one item of baggage without any charge. Passengers can check another item of baggage for $200 each. 

Check American Airlines’ official website for more information on this. The checked baggage must not exceed 158cm in size including wheels and handles and 23kg weight. For business and first-class passengers, the weight allowance is 32kg per item. Any luggage item exceeding the size and weight is to be paid a fee. 

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Can I Pay For Extra Baggage Online American Airlines?

As per the excess baggage policy of American airlines, if the weight of baggage increases 23kg or 32kg (according to the cabin class) as per the allowance or exceeds the size limit of 158cm, a fee for excess baggage will be levied depending on the flight route and destination. 

American Airlines does not accept any baggage item weighing more than 45kg or an item above the size of 320cm. 

Exceptional Baggage Policy At American Airlines

As per the American airline’s policy for exceptional baggage, there are special restrictions on baggage such as sports equipment, musical instrument, or any other exceptional item. The restrictions and fees for this type of baggage depend on the particular item and route traveled. 

For items that can be checked as a carry-on item but they must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. For items with a large size that cannot fit in the cabin can be checked as hold luggage. The maximum weight allowance for such items is 75kg and the maximum size allowed is 381cm. 

Pay for Checked Bag American Airlines

Yes, you can pay checked baggage fees online through the mobile app of American Airlines’ official website. The baggage fee applied is determined by the type of fare, destination, etc. For the members of Advantage, the checked baggage is free of cost.

The baggage fee for American Airlines is as follows:-


  • First bag: $30
  • Second bag: $40


· First bag: $30

· Second bag: $40


· First bag: $30.00 

· Second bag: $40


· First bag: Free ($30, Basic Economy)

· Second bag: Free ($40, Basic Economy)


· First bag: Free

· Second bag: $70


· First bag: Free ($30, Basic Economy)

· Second bag: $40

South America

· First bag: Free ($45, Basic Economy)

· Second bag: $65


· First bag: Free ($75, Basic Economy)

· Second bag: USD 100


· First bag: Free

· Second bag: Free

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Overweight Baggage Fee

For bags weighing more than 23kg, a fee is charged for American airlines flight passengers as an overweight baggage fee. 

For bags weighing 24-32 kg- $100 per bag. (First class, business class, advantage executive platinum, and Oneworld emerald passengers are exempted from this)

For bags weighing 33 to 46 kg- $200 extra per bag.

Bags exceeding 46kg are not accepted as checked baggage in American airlines flights booking

Oversized Baggage Fee 

Bags with sizes more than 62 inches or 158 cm are considered oversize. 

A $200 fee is charged for oversized bags for US domestic flights to the Caribbean, Central American, Mexico, and Transpacific. 

$150 is charged for flights to Panama, South America, and Transatlantic

Is it cheaper to check bags online for American Airlines flights? 

The baggage fee for American airlines flights is usually consistent. However, it is always cheaper to pay for baggage online than at the airport. For economy class passengers checked baggage fee is paid for domestic flights. For most of the international flight routes first checked bag is free of cost.

There’s not much difference to check bags online for American airlines flights. However, it is always convenient to check bags online as you don’t have to wait in the long queue at the airport counter then.

Prepaying for baggage is always a benefit for economy class passengers as they can skip the queue at the airport then. Passengers on most of the international routes are provided 2 checked bags for free.

Prepaying your baggage fee online saves you from the airport hassle and wait time at the baggage counter.

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