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Bearskin Airlines Reservations

Bearskin Airlines Reservations will help you fetch your favorite seat in affordable prices. Bearskin Lake Air Service LP, regulated as Bearskin Airlines is a domestic airline located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. This airline manages flights in the Canada region and in Manitoba. This airline is based at the Thunder Bay International Airport with a point at Greater Sudbury Airport. This airline came into operation in July 1963. In the beginning years, this airline has its base as Big Trout Lake, Ontario. This place was later known come to be known as the Bearskin Lake. This airline in the beginning only offered charter plane service in the northern Ontario region. And finally, in the year 1977, this airline also began its planned services between Big Trout Lake and Sioux Lookout. Come let us look at what all features do this airline has to offer its passenger. You can reach the experts at Bearskin Airlines Reservations and can avail information about these services.


Experts at Bearskin Airlines Reservations advise allowing enough time at the airport for check-in, showing checked bags and safety permission. Passengers are required to get their boarding pass and check in any luggage by the check-in extension and be accessible at the exit gate to board the airplane by the flight entering cutoff.

Once done, it is the passenger’s duty to confirm a suitable time to clear safety after check-in and present them at the correct leaving gate by flight boarding cutoff. Bearskin Airlines‘ taking of a passenger at check-in does not promise the airplane will be held past planned take-off.

Passengers are advised to make themselves familiar with the check-in and entering times. Failure to meet these limits may result in the cancellation of the passengers’ booking and exclusion for denied boarding reimbursement. It may also effective in a penalty of the fare paid, liable on the type of ticket bought. Passengers are advised to keep the following timings in mind-

  • Recommended Check-in Time- 60 minutes before the departure, check-in begins.
  • Check-in deadline- Passengers flying to Winnipeg can check-in 30 minutes before the takeoff. Whereas the passengers flying to Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins, North Bay, and Sault Ste Marie can check-in 20 minutes before the takeoff and finally passengers fly to Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Dryden, Fort Frances, Kenora can check-in 15 minutes before the takeoff.
  • Flight Boarding Cut-off- Passengers are advised to board their flight 10 minutes prior to the departure, no matter flying to whichever place.

These and a lot other check-in related issues would be at your side. Just reach the experts available at Bearskin Airlines Reservations.


Baggage being an important part of anyone’s luggage is also necessarily needed to be measured the perfect weight and size. Both carry-on luggage and checked-in luggage has some different measurements to keep in mind.

  • Carry-on Baggage

The officials at Bearskin Airlines will allow a maximum of 1 piece carry-on to a maximum weight of 13 lbs. Suitable pieces comprise soft-sided briefcase & laptop computers. The flight crew may request that the passenger take out a laptop from carrying case is estimated to be too large. Things permitted as a carry-on but not measured as part of the economic plan cover cameras, coats, purses (10″ x 12″ x 8″ or less), vases, walking stick, vessels carrying life supportive items and additional similar items.

Any other addition to this can be asked earlier while booking the tickets at Bearskin Airlines Reservations.

  • Checked Baggage

Bearskin Airlines will tolerate each client a ‘free checked baggage allowance’ to be accepted in the luggage box of the airplane at no charge. This ‘free checked baggage’ must not surpass 47 lbs. If you go beyond this limit, you will have to pay an extra amount at the airport proceeding to travel. Separate bags of checked baggage weighing more than 70 lbs. will not be accepted as checked baggage.

Other than this, any doubt or confusion can be cleared up from the experts at Bearskin Airlines Reservations.

  • Sports Equipment

Fishing tools, golf sticks, and other sporting gear must be completely surrounded in a hard case vessel exactly designed for transport. If otherwise packed, the item(s) will only be acknowledged with a restricted issue tag (to be signed at check-in), releasing Bearskin Airlines of liability.

Your sports equipment is not mentioned about, here? No worries, just ask the experts at Bearskin Airlines Reservations about the same and chill.

  • Excess Baggage Fees

While traveling with Bearskin Airlines the size and weight of bags should fall under the free baggage allowance. If you surpass this free grant, you will be accused an extra baggage fee. Excess baggage acceptance is subject to space availability.

To know the exact amount of excess baggage, ask the experts at Bearskin Airlines Reservations while booking your tickets.

So, all these features along with a lot more could be by the passenger’s side. Experts at Bearskin Airlines Reservations are available 24/7 to help you all with the same and also they will guide you with any amendment made to the features. Bearskin Airlines offers a lot of other features to the passengers flying with it. Simply reach your all-time customer support desk available under the name Bearskin Airlines Reservations. Visit Bearskin Airlines Official Website for more information.

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