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Air France

Living a normal & hectic schedule brings a lot of stress in our lives and only traveling can provide you that break that can bring tremendous joys to your life. So, if you are planning to explore the beauty of any culture, lifestyle, then Air France Airlines is your best partner. Because it will give you a beautiful escape within a reasonable budget.   

So, without any delay make your Air France Reservations & explore your desirable destinations! For more details Call Air France Airlines helpline number! 

A Brief Overview of Your Travel Partner 

Airline Air France Airlines 
Found 7 October 1993 
Head Office Roissypôle, Charles de Gaulle Airport 
Fleet 216 
Destinations 211 
Frequent Flyer Program Flying Blue 
Alliance Sky Team, Sky Team Cargo 
Slogan “France is in the Air” 

Air France Airlines is the flag carrier of France & its head office is in Tremblay-en-France. It is a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group and a founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. Air France is one of the prominent & highly admired by travellers. It has successfully maintained its position amongst top service providers in the world. If you are looking to make your bookings to your desired destination, then it is always a good idea to choose Air France Reservations so that you can get the perfect journey that has everything to make you feel comfortable & vibrant during your entire trip. 

Air France Major Hub Around the Globe

  • Charles de Gaulle Airport 
  • Orly Airport 

Know the Major Destinations Served by the Air France Airlines 

Well, we believe that one should have all the knowledge about the routes and major places that one airline is covered before going to make your bookings so that you can have an idea about all destinations. When it comes to Air France flights, the following are the destinations that it covers given below: 

  • Argentina 
  • Brazil 
  • Canada 
  • Colombia 
  • Mexico 
  • Peru 

The above-given destinations are quite common that Air France covers for its travelers. You can easily choose the right place among all of them where you want to travel and cherish your time by exploring it well. 

Read About the Air France Fleet Details 

Aircraft Type In-Service 
Airbus A318 15 
Airbus A319 27 
Airbus A320 36 
Airbus A321 10 
Airbus A330 12 
Airbus A350 XWB 06 
Boeing 777 46 
Boeing 787 Dreamliner 09 

H2 Easiest Way to Access Your Air France Tickets – Manage Booking 

Similar to most airlines, Air France allows passengers the tool to easily access & interact with their bookings. Then, they can make alterations & additions to their itinerary. However, before we discuss about these services, let’s discuss how to use Air France Mange Booking. 

  • Firstly, visit the official site at
  • Secondly, click on My Bookings, fill in your travel details & click on Search. 
    • Booking Reference 
    • Last Name 
  • Thirdly, wait for the site to retrieve your reservation. 

Now that you know how to access your booking, let’s discuss the uses of Air France Manage Booking. 

  • Alter Your Travel Plans – Change Flight Date & Time. 
  • Make Corrections – Name Change & Correction. 
  • Scrub Your Trip – Flight Cancellation 
  • Add Extra Baggage Allowance on Your Itinerary, etc. 

Travel Classes for All Levels of Luxury 

Air France has four separate types of fares, all different in services & prices. Done in order to make travel affordable for as many people as possible. So, let’s discuss in brief about all the fare classes onboard Air France. 


This is the most basic fare class of Air France. It is the cheapest mode of air travel available on the airline. However, cheap doesn’t mean bad. Even for Economy, Air France provide some basic necessary services to passengers. 

This class can be further divided into three classes- 

 Standard Standard Plus Flex 
Carry-on Baggage ✓ ✓ ✓ 
Personal Item ✓ ✓ ✓ 
Checked Baggage ✓ ✓ ✓ 
Seat Selection ✓ Front Seat Selection ✓ 
Flight Changes ✓ ✓ ✓ 
Refundability ✓ 
  • The combined weight limit on Carry-on & Personal Items is 26 lbs. 
  • For Checked Baggage the limit is 50 lbs. 

Premium Economy 

This is the fare class above economy. Just like its predecessor, it’s cost effective (a little more expensive) but also provides better seats & more features than Basic Economy fares, like- 

Carry-On Baggage 2 Bags 
Personal Items 
Checked Baggage 2 (50 lbs. Each) 
Advanced Seat Selection ✓ 
SkyPriority Benefits ✓ 
Change Flight ✓ 
Refundable ✓ 

Business Class 

This is the fare class for people who value comfort over cost, get ana amazing travel experience aboard Air France in the Business Cabin. Enjoy features & services not found anywhere else onboard Air France.  

If You can afford it, then this is a good option for long-haul flights. So, let’s discuss its features. 

Carry-On + Personal Item 2 + 1 (39 lbs. total) 
Checked Baggage 2 (70 lbs. Each) 

Get Additional services like- 

  • SkyPriority Benefits 
  • Free Change of Flight 
  • Full Refund 

La Premiere 

The epitome of level experience onboard Air France. If you wish to travel in luxury like a king, then this is the fare for you. Enjoy the benefits of all the preceding classes, with an addition of several new services. Get the most baggage allowance (2 bags & 70 lbs. Each), fully refundable fares, etc. 

Best Way to Get Assistance from Air France 

There are many ways to contact the Air France Airlines Customer Service helpdesk. 

  • Visit the Air France official website (For Live Chat/ Send E-mail) 
  • Call Air France Airlines Phone Number 
  • Visit the Air France Airlines service helpdesk 

Instead of wasting time on reading the information guidelines on sites, or sending emails, you can dial the helpline number to the avail of the real-time support. Air France Airlines have provided you several helpline numbers by which you can get instant help. So, whenever you find yourself in the hunt for more information regarding your journey, then you can Call Air France helpline (Any of them) number. 

Air France Contact Information – Reservation Number, Customer Service Phone Number & More 

Air France Customer Service 0124-2720272 
Reservation Number +1 800 237 2747 711 833 648 2072 
Flying Blue Support +1 800 375-8723 
Twitter @airfrance 
Facebook Home Page 
Facebook Messenger Live Chat 
WhatsApp Messenger 1-458-237-2747 
Postal Address Air France / KLM P.O. Box 981975 El Paso, TX 79998-1975 USA 

Air France Services You Can Avail Off  

Booking Air France Flights 

You can easily get in touch with the agents who are present at Air France Airlines flight helpdesk to make your bookings to your destination at affordable rates. We are there for you to make your journey easy & convenient as we will deliver the right number of services for your Air France Reservations. 

Check-In Details 

For check-in details Contact Air France Airlines, so you can avail of the appropriate information & you won’t find hassle in performing the one. The team will tell you the ways that how you can do this, so as per your comfort & convenience choose them & later an enjoy further journey onboard. 

Baggage Details – Allowance, Restrictions & Fees 

It is of utmost essential for a traveller to have a brief idea about the baggage allowance that one airline is providing so one can get an easy & convenient journey. If you are one amongst those who want to make good memories, then pack your bags as per the baggage policy. To get the baggage idea regarding weight & dimension, contact the experts. 

Amending & Altering Your Itinerary – Change Flight & Change Name on Ticket 

Required changes in your existing Air France Reservations? No worries, because we have got your back. On your call at Air France Number, you will get the required information on date or flight change. Also, they will inform you about the other things such as what you can add for your extreme comfort & so on. 

Pet Travelling 

Everyone loves their pet & willing to fly together with them. So, if you are also a pet owner & want to take them with you thenthere are some rules & regulations that you should know so you can fly without any hassle. To know about the pet policy, dial the Air France Phone Number & enjoy the ride with your cute little member. 

Cancellation & Refund 

Travel plans can change anytime. If you are canceling them then there might be a reason. Anyways, we are sad to see you go like this, but we are happy to help you. So, in case of need just Contact Air France helpline number & avail of the best help! 

Learn About Some Additional Services That you Can Get Only Through Customer Service Number 

Reason To Call At Air France Helpdesk! 

Though there are a lot many service providers who are present in the market. But the utmost is to reach someone who has expertise in a similar field to make your Air France Reservations impeccable and outstanding. When you make you make your bookings with the right platform, you will get the ease & comfort during your whole journey. And for that, Call Air France, the team has got your back, so you can travel comfortably without any hassle. Below we have mentioned the reason why you need a true service helpline such as Air France Contact number: 

No Waiting Required

You don’t need to think twice while reaching us via Air France Contact number, as we are available 24*7 for you. We won’t let you wait for a second when you choose us to make your reservations because of our supremely amazing availability. 

Booking From Anywhere & At Time

A single call on Air France Number, you will get your ticket booked at a good price. That’s what our team can do for you. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing or how many tickets you want to be booked, you can make it happen only a single call that too as per your comfort. 

For Great Discount

There is no such thing that can bring happiness to one’s face than the discounts while making Air France Reservations and we totally dig into that. So, if you are one amongst those who wanted to have the memorable journey of your life within your budget, don’t forget to reach us at our Air France Phone Number. 

Information About The “Flying Blue” Program

You can earn miles whenever you fly with Air-France and exchange them with several prices such as ticket booking and free upgrade. Also, you will get complete information about the flying blue program via Call Air France helpdesk! 

To Clear All Your Queries

Its common that people face issues, because we all have our comfort level, so in the middle of the flight, or before the boarding, you need our help, then you can directly contact our Air France Customer service helpdesk. The experts available at the helpdesk will solve all your issues immediately.We won’t disappoint you, even you will be awed with the kind of services that we offer to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do I contact Air France by phone? 

The easiest way to get in touch with an Air France representative by phone is to call the Air France Customer Service at 0124-2720272. Then, follow the IVR instructions to connect to the department you wish. 

Q2. Does Air France have a chat line? 

Yes, passengers can communicate with Air France via live chat through two means. 

  • Facebook Messenger – @AirFrance 
  • WhatsApp Messenger – 1-458-237-2747 

Q3. Does Air France give free food? 

Yes, generally speaking, complimentary meal/s (depending on flight duration) are a part of every fare class onboard Air France. However, if a passenger desires something off the pre-selected menu for their fare class, they’d have to pay for it. 

Q4. Is the Air France lounge free? 

No, the Air France Louge access is only available to SkyTeam or FlyingBlue members for free.  

Q5. When can I call Air France? 

Fortunately, the Air France Customer Service helpline is available 24/7. Whenever, you have an issue, just make a call & let the representatives of Air France provide you with a solution. 

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